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Did you know that using hashtags (#) within the community has many benefits? Not only does this help categorize posts into relevant topics- but it helps us all to follow the most active discussions on popular topics within the community. Hashtags make it easier to follow along on topics of interest, or to find answers to questions you may have.

Add a hashtag using keywords or topics within your post. For example, hashtags such as #lungcancer #chemotherapy #surgery. When you type the # symbol, a drop-down list will appear with a list of tags. You can choose one of these or write your own.

Curious about what’s trending in the community?
Check out the list of trending topics in the forums. This list is available on the right side of any forum topic. If you’d like to read more, click on the topic and you’ll be taken to a page containing every post that features a hashtag with your chosen topic.

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@brittanyc Hi Brittany……your explanation was so helpful, thank you….I try to remember, to put a hashtag, on the bottom of my posts……

BUT: The Queen Bee of Hashtags……is/always will be: @supersu

She comes up with Doozies!!



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