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Error Processing Request
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For the last week or so I get this message, 'Error Processing Request' , each time I write a post after clicking "Post".
When I press "Post" a second time, my post is successfully posted.
This seems to happen regardless of where I am in the site (forums, groups, etc)
I've only tested this on my Android phone. Haven't tested it on my laptop.
Are others having this problem?
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I have been getting that message also; not every time, but intermittently.
I just figured my laptop was ‘acting up’.

I will tag @Lianne_Moderator & @Lacey_Moderator to assist.



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@ashcon and @supersu I have also been getting the message intermittently but I believe only on my iPhone and perhaps on my iPad.


@ashcon @supersu @JustJan

I will look into this with our provider. Thank you for letting us know.

If it happens again can you take note of where and possibly take a screenshot?

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