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Tiny font Daily Digest
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I use Outlook in Chrome to look at the Daily Digest in the morning. Sometimes, like today, the Digest shows up in very tiny print that is impossible to read. There is an expand icon, when you press it, it does expand, but then as soon as I move within the digest to read it, the print all reverts to very tiny.

Does anyone experience this and have a fix or alternatively, is there a place on the site that holds the daily digest?


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Hi @Sadie12

The daily digest is different for everyone, based on their subscription selections in Dashboard > My account > Subscriptions.

Thank you for letting us know about the font issue you are having. If I am not mistaken, this has been mentioned to us before so I will look into it with our software vendor to see if there is a solution.

Do you mind if I ask you what type/kind of device you use to view the digest and the site?

Thank you


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Hi @Lianne_Moderator

I'm running Windows 10 with Google Chrome on my laptop. I read my mail through Outlook mail interface.

I hope that helps.


Cynthia Mac
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Hi, Sadie12‍ , I had the same problem on my iPad... I can explain the cause (but not the fix... sadly. But, this might help Lianne_Moderator‍ )

When there are large-scale photos in the digest, my Gmail shrinks the size of the text to miniscule proportion, too. I’m on iOS 12(ish) on my iPad.

One fix is to educate users to the options for loading photos (this works on my laptop, not on my iPad): you can scale the photos to 75 or 50%, and when this is done, the photos don’t command as much space, and therefore the text in the digests doesn’t downsize as much.

Do you want to know my creative workaround for reading yesterday’s digest? I took my phone, opened the camera, and zoomed in on my iPad screen. The print was still small, but I could at least read it! I think WestCoastSailor‍ Is going to have to grant me some brownie points for my “low tech solution.”
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That cause makes sense. Thanks for the work-around.

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Sadie12‍ Yes I have the same problem sometime way too small to read, I am on my iPad iOS 15.2 so I just use two fingers on the screen to expand the view then it’s really easy to read.
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Ah, thank you Cynthia Mac‍ I always wondered why, on seemingly “random” days, my font was so tiny as to be unreadable.

Thanks for the work around @Cynthia Mac . We had been told that this was fixed already but we'll have to look into it again. Thanks for the feedback @Sadie12 @Nicky01 and @Nightowl


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