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Did you know?....Customizing your Daily Digest and email notifications

Did you know……

you can decide what content you want to see from the site? It is a great way to keep on top of discussions that you are interested in.

From Dashboard > My account


Notifications tab - get notified when someone mentions/tags you on the site, when your content is liked, when you have received a private message

Any topics you have subscribed to directly from the discussion, will show up here as well under subscriptions

Subscriptions tab - decide what discussions show up in your Daily Digest and how often you can receive them to the email address you registered with.

Note - you cannot reply to the email notification. Instead, go to the link provided within the email notification, which takes you to the site, or while on the site, go to your inbox in My messages (under Dashboard ) and follow the link from there.

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Hi I' new and having a bit of trouble navigatin the system…not sure if i introduced myself as I started about a month or two ago and went into melt down when I started reading everything..better now..also White lilies connected with me and I don't know how to find her..would really appreciate a hook up again as she was so kind..I'm struggling with the loss of people now that I'm in recovery and my own acknowledgement of what actually happened and that I made It..thanks

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@Yourgues7 hI there. I'm so sorry you are struggling..let me tag @Whitelilies for you so you can get back in touch. I know she will get back to you soon.

@Yourgues7 You can see all your posts from your profile page. Click dashboard - view profile to get there.

Here is a link to your profile where you can see all your past posts.User Profile - CancerConnection.ca

Click on them to open the thread and reply or post again.

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Thank you @Lianne_Moderator , these tips will be a great help!

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And, thank you @Lacey_Moderator , for your tip as well!

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