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Thank you #Lacey so if I tag # advanced cancer it should take me there . Lol ! Or tag Zoomer and get the latest on the excellent discussion amongst physicians I herd yesterday . I am in the process of getting that link , to post and missing part of it on tv happened to catch it on . But it was. very informative for those of us who found our lumps or symptoms or pain at the onset of Covid pandemic just then too. Those unsure to see a doctors or say anything yet abstaining by fear and more exposure in hospitals by Covid too .
You want to listen ...
When I walk out into the world I take no thought with me ..rest of ..quote on my blog
Being finally acknowledged how people feel becoming now patients with cancer especially feel in getting cancer news overwhelmed in the office ( I cannot even recall who or how as it was a whirlwind from then on ) Just the very word “ cancer “ spoken or heard is like a death sentence , when they are told the first time and by whomever ❗️As for me telling this , to my daughter b4 the results from biopsy #1 was done Probably so many can here can agrees and time with cancer emotional rollercoaster or end result for some or the fear . How doctors handle it cancer this program Zoomers ( regardless of age of cancer ) they also discussed with Covid also .
Hearing , Watching these physicians speak , that allowed, inviting welcoming those with cancer reluctant to be seen , or go for diagnostics bc of Covid I can attest to that and giving those with cancer to be heard , I think some sort of govt platform happened in ON ❓Have other provinces Manitoba and BC ❓
And acknowledged being so aware now as doctors , from our perspective with Cancer spoke to moi , so ooo in volumes deeply, that some physicians actually cared . As I feel from my Oncologist in Victoria spoke so with respect being caring and tender. Yet by his knowledge truthful and hear moi too in my disappointments too .
Am empty mind is hungry ...quote rest on my blog ...
. # Bobby 51 ,# Saharabee , #Kayla, # Just Jan , #Aschon , # Nix #Lianne, as others here . Amd who lost their best friend their sister # ten_min , their mother., beloved father . OMG 😱
Especially that different doctors on that program , explained how they can be more helpful for cancer patients.Made moi feel validated and well up heartfelt and tearful . I think of those brave continuing in their own fight with that monster , suffering much to rid their bodies through all kinds discoveries and treatments courageously in battle sharing this reality . In emergent crisis’s physically and to be even seen . Some travelling far and all the logistics with many surgeries or caregivers alongside them to the end , no victory won or too exhausted by treatments side effects giving up . 😭 And being so high to low , sinking deeper in the depression of hearing bad news over and over again having fought so hard . .
When u listen with empty ears you hear more .
Giving me something to share now with the GPO in hope of kindness , compassion needed to not speak so insensitively perhaps from being themselves hopeless as physicians . Other then positive for those that are in a survival plan . I am now speaking from my experience recently in Mets and before . As twice with cancer , knowing the terrifying frightful symptoms , yet surviving past it and live my dreams my life . And others now here unable to stop their cancers growth , when their own doctors went as far as they could . I am with them , praying , hoping, # West Coast Sailor , # Dauntless , acting 🎭 and pushing for a cure, Sleep-well now , that we all have that platform and advocacy to be heard if it hasn’t happened . .Elle29
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elle29‍ There are two types of tagging. If you want to tag a person so they know you mentioned them then you type the "@" symbol and the user name like elle29. There's no space between the symbol and the name. When a name pops up as a match and you select it the tagging is complete and that person will get a notice that they were tagged.

You use the "#" symbol you are tagging a topic. Again there is no space between the symbol or the words. In fact, when you select the # symbol existing tags will be displayed for you can create a new one.

I hope this helps.

Sorry for the the confusion. cancertakesflight‍ has described it perfectly above.

I hope this helps,
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It's been a super stressful or confusing who to contact to help myself in this time for moi to wrap my brain around all this .Who which doctor do I contact or nurse or secretary ❓ . Burning that candle at both ends again, have these few months treated at home and dust settling literally ( from summer of home improvements ) ...
. I know is little to what your sharing all the process as those Colorectal daily care to clean and care manage yourselves or even eat and poop . Honestly we should all have" home care nursing health help " referral , and option for counselling when given the diagnosis of c to help heal . I looked down at my legs and noticed sores dark marks wonder how they got there .
Not left to figure it out ourselves with no followup .even by surgeon or specialist you have ❗️That's why I keep asking here what and how or who ❓🦦 Merci for letting me read your posts and comment . I am not a spy or troll but have had cancer twice Never knew or told I was in remission, too busy living as a family we made together then . I do not think of my treatment as chemotherapy .But others here speak of it that way .
. Q : Did anyone get referrals options given ❓ ‍@Just Jan , @Nix Are you all on Zoom Groups ❓Amd I like to know what happens long term after radiation ☢️ or Chemo IV to the body any studies on that . I still am very curious what are they doing at the cellular level in the Labs and what they are looking for and to develop ❓Do they see the cancer cell under the microscope ❓And this protein or enzyme . Just what is the mechanism happening . How do they determine the medications are working at a microscopic level ?Just what are they doing with stem cells and how . I want to know the biology 🧪. /I want to read and learn more on this .I have a keen interest to know at the microbiology level ❗️Ie why do I get so hot burning 🥵 up ❓Can they see the healthy cell mutate into cancer ? Is it a chemical reaction or a cellular level of activity, in the body , I learned in science what is the mechanism of fever at a cellular level ❓I want sources to read about this @Lacey .
I am only beginning to get back to myself and wondering who authored this ❓
This is all fingers and thumbs to put thoughts on paper / online . And why I go back and edit in clarity to be understood or understand!
Getting diagnosed during Covid pandemic 😷
THE Zoomer show program stated some ppple with cancer have addressed this and I also wonder who or how❓
I recall having ro do this for other matters as a group . I was part of that momentum . And now again it is good to hear the Wooden White Ribbon campaign grassroots response has taken flight 🦅
Thank you to @Ashcon ,@ Cancer Takes Flight, Ten_minutes‍ ,@kayla, Saharabee‍ bravely sharing their realty in this c Carousel 🎠 Merry Go Round . Those to help me technically figure here in clarity , how to keep connected here though having to repeat a alternate way to understand it’s like I have lost my brain cells all muddled ! And I lost my sight and hearing not functioning fully too during this time . With painful skin infection now lessening but there still . /
The frustrating boring part is having to rest when your tired , are u tired ❓To put those daily habits back on track : as sleep or eat when there are a millions things to do . I learned that or when you care for others like family children or spouse . That's the best part being retired , or a grandparent or living here for me in BC , to accept and let go before I had cancer . With cancer though it's like a professional degree or business sometimes 18 hours + /
So, did any of u see the snow or hear the Zoomer show from Dec . A group of doctors oncologists got together to welcome those who need cancer evaluation and not be fearful . That acknowledgment lifted a big heavy weight off my shoulders how different it has been an troubling during the pandemic closures that supported cancer patients together . How doctors delivery can make such a difference .
Oh it was amazing to hear some doctors saying we r glad to jot notes for the patients , or go over more . Leaving the door open instead of then just walk out quickly never fo wonder 💭 how this impacted the person .
My Oncologists office said I could call back ask anything later . That rapport makes communication open and possible between us . In the onset from the beginning it can be a whirlwind ❗️
I know your way ahead in your cancer walk or healing some in remission and some worse in advanced to ne told u have no future of a cure or limited time to live . We have heard it all of others , in repeated greif , loss but when it happens to you , as moi there is no one standard response because we are all individuals .
.....I am so glad grateful for the Oncologists I have, treated moi with respect as an individual and leaving me positive and empowered caring . Even those doctors on that Zoom meeting for that show , were actually empathising with those who get told their diagnosis of c , and being stunned and hearing nothing more . With medication reluctant for shock I had to suggest because I did not need to be put through being told again the bad news about having Mets and stuck in low gear ⚙️ in to depression, a dangerous place to be .
Thanks to my own GP/FP , I am finally getting to place having reached out here through a counsellor saying she was unavailable , here on CC . And everywhere since then from plummeting deep down into depression that has had nasty grip on me as it did way in the past to be hospitalised . And that's not good when in the midst of cancer treatment evaluation needed . I felt could of impeded my survival and crushed my spirit from being pumped up like most of you battling as I continue my next steps soon to get a CT from my 3 mths cancer meds cycle ❗️Some call oral meds Chemo .
Whether or not it is from hormones or we whether it is or not , or from obesity , no cancer has a cure just remission or a limited time till they find more . Right @Boby1511‍. Validation is so important and I am so glad to hear that some Doctors do advocate ❗️
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HI elle29
Sorry I haven’t been online. I am having some mental health issues and I have been experiencing depression so I just don’t engage with much. I read your post. There is a book that I read all about Cancer. It is a large read but I really enjoyed it and it answered lots of my questions around cancer. I think you might like it.
This is the booK:

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🤟🏻I am all over here & other sites related . & luv to read the book . Looks like u can pick up & put down . Summer is when I usually like if not. Interrupted by rowdies while on my cabana lounger swing . However the best place was the family cottage no distractions . or by a fire side inside , some families a hiding spot or by natural light window seat .
Use to be standing in a book shop ! That my male friend shared , so true . We use to hav a Book Cafe, great place for any community m to have to linger , hang out reading or writing flipping through pages quietly 🐭
Last 4 years so glued to media with politics of our American neighbours and now Covid 2b aware . Use to have radio shows instead like CBC eves + Sat game panels , informative Quirks /Quarks & so funny writer comedian Stewart Mc Claine .And we need again to listen pod casts are too short and time out on devices though I put an outdoor speaker light bulb to head it while in the yard working ❗️Plz keep your book post thanks , or go to start one in groups Trish .
Where do u like to read ? Elle 29

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