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Posting links to other websites
Cynthia Mac
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There’s a wealth of things you can do when making a post, by using the the icons you can see above your “typing box” when you’re writing a post. Chocoholic‍ Asked how to link to other websites.

In the top row of icons, above “size”, there is one that looks like chain “links” —it’s to the right of ABC with the checkmark underneath.

To create a link, first look up the site to which you want to link. In my case, I’ve chosen to link to the “Favourite Inspirational Song” discussion where this question originated. If you are on a laptop, you can right click on the website address at the top of the page and copy the website address. On an iPad or tablet, if you click and hold on the address, you should get a “pop up” that offers an option to “copy.”

Then, go into your message. Here, you have a couple of options: you can just paste your website link into the message, which will look like this:

you can give your message a cleaner look by typing a bit of descriptive text, like, “link to the Favourite Inspirational Song discussion”. Once you have keyed in that text, highlight it, then click on that “chain link” icon. It will bring up a box that looks like this: 


Paste your copied website address into the box outlined in blue with “URL” above it, then press OK, and your link will appear like this:

link to Favourite Inspirational Song discussion

Here are a couple of other thoughts about linking to other websites:
- when I am linking to an outside source, (not part of the Canadian Cancer Society or Cancer Connection), I like to offer a description of what the link is, or where the viewer will be directed - for example a YouTube video, or the Mayo Clinic website.
- I also like to give an idea what the reader will find there - for example, an article that takes about 5 minutes to read, or a half hour video - it gives the reader a “heads’ up” of how much time they’ll need to look through the linked information
- at one time we used to see “link here” or “click on this link.”  This is no longer considered appropriate, because these types of links are difficult from an accessibility standpoint. It is better to create a description and use that description as the link to the other website. 
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Great description Cynthia Mac‍ . Since Chocoholic‍ sideswiped me in that request let me add a couple of  brief words.

In the screenshot that Cynthia posted, on the popup, there is a second tab. If you open it and choose "New Window '_blank'" as the target the link will open in an new window which is nice if you don't want people to leave the site.

Embedding a YouTube video is a little more advanced than a  link. I'm too lazy to take a bunch of screenshots so hopefully my description is adequate. If you open the video in YouTube, underneath on the bottom right, there is a link to "Share." If you select Embed on the options that appear, You will get a code snippet that you can cut and paste over to the site. Come back to the site. Select source in the edit bar. The edit screen will change showing the underlying code. Paste the Embed code in and deselect the Source in the edit bar. Your video will appear if you have done everything correctly. I usually add me text first, leaving some space where I want to put the video before I do this.  Note mileage may vary depending on your device and technical skills.

Theoretically you should be able to add video with the icon that looks like a filmstrip but I have never been able to make it work properly on this site.

Good luck. And I'm open for questions.


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@Cynthia Mac‍  and WestCoastSailor‍  thanks so much for taking the time to write down those steps. It's really good to have an immediate link that people can go to. 
Cynthia Mac
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Coming from you, good sir, WestCoastSailor‍  that’s some high praise!

I’ve never shared a YouTube video that way — I’ve always just done the URL thing... my “techie qualifications” only go as far as being able to help my mom and my Laddie with their issues: so I’m glad we still have people like you to bail me out of MY messes!

Which reminds me, I was going to ask you a question about something technical last night, but I can’t remember now what it was...
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