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Technical difficulties
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I'm having some technical  issues... certain posts wont open when I click on them.  
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Hi Brighty‍ 

We are happy to troubleshoot with you. I sent you a PM.

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Maybe we should have a dedicated section on this website that tells you all this?  Along with stuff like how to use the @ sign to tag someone, how to post photos, and so on.  It seems like enough people ask for help in these areas, and it would be nice to have all the answers in one place.  Or maybe it already exists, and I just can’t find it!
Cynthia Mac
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Kuching‍ , The tagging information is “hidden in plain view” at the top of every discussion page, and the top of every topic page inside the main “discussions” page.” Oh, it doesn’t have flashing lights around it, but it’s there! 😃

I’m pretty sure this “technical difficulties” discussion was created as a place where people could go to ask questions, too.

The search function on this site works pretty well, although, when I searched “tagging” I got the last 20 or so posts where someone wrote “thanks for tagging me,” so it isn’t fail-proof. When I did a search on “link,” it did bring up my post in the “posting links to other websites” discussion from last week, so it’s worth a try.


We do have a FAQ at the bottom of every page.  I think you will find the answers to the questions you mentioned but as Cynthia Mac‍ has said, this is a good place to post those types of questions too.

Here is the link https://cancerconnection.ca/faq

Please let us know if you need further help. We defnitely want you to get the most out of the site.

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Thank you Cynthia Mac‍ And Lianne_Moderato‍.  I knew it had to be there somewhere!
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