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Multiple never ending SPAM messages on the site.

Multiple never ending SPAM messages on the site.

Posted by ACH2015 on Jan 5, 2019 7:28 am


This morning I reported multiple new spam members and their messages on the site for removal and deletion.

Are these spam messages being sent from the same site, because they seem to appear now in multiples.  If they are sent on behalf of actual businesses, have these businesses been contacted to provide information about how their advertising is unwanted and being inappropriately sent to sites such as Cancer Connection?

Blocking and banning these specific spam addresses may also help to slow down the tide as well.

It may curb the increasing number of this type of unwanted distraction. We don't want or need commercials here!


ACH2015 - Andy.

Re: Multiple never ending SPAM messages on the site.

Posted by Lacey_adminCCS on Jan 5, 2019 12:52 pm

Hi ACH2015

Thanks for reporting spam to us it helps us identify and remove it quicker. 

All spammers are banned and deleted. We are definitely seeing an increase and will be talking to our platform provider about ways to prevent this if possible. 

You're right we don't want this on our site! Thanks for helping to take care of our community. 


Re: Multiple never ending SPAM messages on the site.

Posted by WestCoastSailor on Jan 6, 2019 7:48 pm

Hi Lacey_adminCCS‍ 

I just take it as part of doing business and tag them for deletion when I see them. Kind of like picking up trash when I'm out walking. When you see three or four thousand an hour then you look for an automated solution.

However you might mention a service called Cleantalk to the site folks. I have been using it on several sites that I manage and it is pretty effective at getting to forum spammers. It depends a little on what CMS they are using for the forum but there is an API available so they should be able to adapt it.