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Post Surgery Home Care
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Dear friends. I am new to this group. My father was diagnosed with bladder cancer and has recently undergone bladder removal surgery at Jurvinski Hospital in Hamilton. We were promised home care (he needs daily IV, the anti-clotting injection etc) but the Halton Peel care unit (we live in Milton) just called to inform us that there is no home care, most patients have been misinformed, and my dad needs to go in physically to their clinic in Milton. Any thoughts/advice. Do we need to push harder?

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It's unfortunate that what is already a challenging experience has to be made even more difficult by misinformation, which is possibly from miscommunication.

Can you go back to the person who told you that you could get home care and tell this person what happened when you requested that care? Perhaps that person can contact them on your behalf to see what is available and whether (possibly with all these medical shortages) this “home” component of the care is no longer available, at least for the time being.

Less than a year ago, my father-in-law needed home care in Mississauga, and there were times when the people providing the home care didn't show up and didn't cancel. It's very upsetting and, in my mother-in-law's case, she was forced to do things she was not trained to do. My father-in-law was not even remotely mobile.

Although not the point, how mobile is your father? I can't imagine getting in and out of vehicles is the least bit comfortable let alone travelling with an IV or any other contraption that may be given to your father at the clinic.

This all seems wrong on so many levels. Unfortunately, this seems to be a sign of the times and there must be some other option for you.

As I said earlier, if you can reach out to the person who gave you the information about getting home care that person may be able to help get you some traction or have ideas about what else you can do.

I hope you get the help you need. Please let me know what ends up happening. To tag me and be sure that I see your message, you can either select Reply immediately blow this post or you can type @ and my user name cancertakesflight (no space between the the symbol and the name). When you start to type my name a list of possible options will be displayed. When you select my name or hit the Reply symbol, you will see my name change to blue, so you will know that you have done it correctly.

Looking forward to hearing from you.


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Sabeen‍ That’s just not right. He shouldn’t have to make that journey every day, right after surgery. Do you have a social worker involved? The hospital should provide you with one, and they should be able to help you with finding other options. There should also be a community home support organization in your area that could help. Or, if all else fails, he could move into an assisted living facility that has a nurse on duty, who could do the IV and injections etc. The one here (in Perth ON) have some respite rooms that you can rent for up to 3 months. A last resort, because they are not cheap!

Yes, I would definitely be pushing harder!
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Sorry to hear this is happening.

when my husband required hydration through IV a nurse (LHIN/CCAC) Came in every 3 days to change the needle, but Inwas the one that hooked up the bag and line

also after his hip surgery in 2016 I administered the blood thinning drug. In 2008 I administered my father's injection for his pain meds. AMD currently I administer my husband's NPLATE injection.

sadly there are not enough community nurses.

ate you close enough to assist in his care?
Have you looked into a nursing job for short term care? We have a few in Kitchener that offer assistance for people recuperating

I hope your parents get help soon


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@cancertakesflight thank you and to all others for their messages and support. My dad ended up going to a clinic in Mississauga the first day for his IV and the whole process took 4 hours because the supplies were not available at the clinic at the time of his appointment. Needless to say, he was exhausted and the sitting and waiting did not help his stitches. However, i kept calling the case worker and letting them know what was happening and was lucky enough to get someone really nice and empathetic who switched him to home care as she understood that all the services my dad needed at this point were too much for the family to administer on their own. So thankfully all good for now! Lesson learned - need to push harder and not give up. I must've called them 7-8 times. The initial coordinator who had promised home care never called back though.

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I’m so glad you persisted and got it sorted! Good work - we all need someone like you to keep pushing until it’s done right!


That's great news. There is so much advocacy work that is required and it shouldn't be that way. I was going to suggest calling back to the home care people again because sometimes it's just a matter of finding the right person. I'm o glad you did.


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I would pull all the strings and talk to all the people in case management. I have continued to get nursing visits for dressing changes weekly for 3 years of home care in Ontario.

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Sabeen‍ I agree with cancertakesflight‍ - the two most likely scenarios are that the people at the hospital gave you information based on where they are, not where your Dad lives, or there are simply not enough home care staff to go around right now.

I see you’ve had results from your advocacy effort, and I’m glad it didn’t come to what I would have suggested (which is going further up the chain of command and writing letters). Hopefully the person who got your hopes up and hasn’t called you back will have learned from your experience, and will be more mindful in the future.

Again, with so many shortages in the home care system, I frequently hear about “no shows” and “fly bys”. I hope you Dad has better service than that. It sounds as though he’ll have a great advocate working for him, if it does, though!
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@SabeenI'm late to the thread here, but I was just told the same thing by Halton Healthcare (Oakville Hospital) that we need to go to their clinic daily for care of my mom's drainage tubes that “home care is no longer an option”. I have her pre-op Friday and will push for, see if I get anywhere.

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