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Coughing up phlegm

Wondering if anyone has seen someone post chemo/ radiation for lung cancer having bouts of coughing up alot phlegm. Mom's been having more frequent bouts and wonder if anyone has suggestions?

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@Almostprairiegirlh hi there. You might want to suggest to the oncologist something to prescribe called ‘magic mouthwash ’. My fiance had a lot of phlem with his esophageal cancer and this prescription mouthwash was helpful.

Cynthia Mac
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Almostprairiegirl‍ My Dad also coughed up phlegm regularly during his treatments for lung cancer. Chemo really does a number on the soft tissues - he also had a persistent runny nose as a result. Dad didn’t have radiation, but he did resume smoking during his chemo treatment.

If she’s managing alright, I wouldn’t be concerned, but if it were me, I would let her oncology/ radiation team know that it’s going on. They might have some suggestions or words of explanation.
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im sure chest physio would have been offered if its available. i do a yoga stretch… breathing in, i move my arms up over my head, in 3 stages…. some women cant do that any more, but its the attempt…

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