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Finding out tumor characteristics when biopsy failed
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Hi everyone. I haven't posted here in awhile but I read your posts every day. I was diagnosed with stage 3 lobular breast cancer in 2006 and with metastatic lobular breast cancer in 2020. At that time it had spread to my bones and a bone biopsy showed it was still ER+, PR+ and Her2-. I did well on Ibrance and Letrozole for 19 months. but in May 2022, routine scans showed 5 small lesions on my liver. A biopsy was attempted but they didn't get enough cells to test because of the position of the affected area over my bowel (and they were afraid they would perforate the bowel). My oncologist put me on iv Abraxane and it has been working - all lesions are gone on the scans, apart from one, which is shrinking. I will be on Abraxane another few weeks. The question is, what then? We have no idea of the receptor status of the liver tumor but often progression is due to mutations. If we can't do a biopsy, what do we do? She is not very keen on CTCs (circulating tumor cells) until the testing is more developed, because of issues with interpretation. Maybe I have to stay on a general therapy rather than a targeted one? What are the options in Canada, if any? Thanks so much. Peggy
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