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The 90 Second Caregiver Health Letter
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I receive the monthly Ontario Caregiver Organization (OCO)'s caregiver newsletter and September's copy includes info about a new 90 Second Caregiver health letter you can subscribe to. It's a weekly email that takes approximately 90 seconds to read and is meant "to help improve your overall wellness, self-confidence and increase your ability to manage the stress that often comes with caregiving”.

Yes it's another email in your inbox but if it helps you get through this challenging time, it's something to consider signing up for. Many of us dedicate our time looking after those we care for and often don't look after ourselves enough. This is despite knowing the importance of self-care and recharging our own batteries.

If you're interested and want to learn more and/or subscribe to the 90 second health letter, you can check out the OCO website or follow this link:

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Cynthia Mac
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That’s an amazing idea! Thanks for sharing, RBION
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@Cynthia Mac Since it's a new concept, I'd like to hear from anyone else who signs up for it, to see if others find it helpful/would recommend it going forward. I'll provide feedback as well in a couple of weeks.

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@RBION - Thanks so much for sharing this! I also got this newsletter and thought that it was must read…..but I never did make that 90 secs a priority….I’m practicing some really good R&R this weekend though after a whirlwind of work (part time caregiver for two lovely ladies) and my son.

My son had a bad infection from a hangnail so we spent hours and days at the ER getting antibiotic IV infusions. We both waited patiently for his turn and were grateful that we could access this treatment which is life saving.

We were then switched to community nursing which trained me to give him the IV infusions at his home and that was much easier on everyone! I’m not sure if this has always been how they do things or new because of Covid.

The really good news is that his CT scan (which had to be done in the middle of his infection treatment) is all clear for cancer and now he only has to do blood work in 6 mths versus 3! Woo hoo! He celebrated with a hamburger and poutine.🥳

I’ll be back to give my review on the 90 sec self care tips too.

My thoughts are with you and your family at this difficult time after losing your dear husband. We will always be here for you and are so glad that you shared this personal and vulnerable time with us. It is an honour to know you.

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@Trillium a hamburger and poutine seems a fitting celebratory meal, that's such good news for you and your son! I've often wondered about the treatments caregivers can give at home now as compared to pre-covid times as well - and I'm extremely glad that more options exist for us.
Thank you also for your kind words, you and the others have made the world of difference to me these past two years.

Congratulations to you and your son on that excellent news!!


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