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Bladder Cancer
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My husband had a cystoscopy through his urethra for bladder cancer a couple weeks ago and was released without a catheter the same day. He had sharp pain while urinating for a couple of days afterwards. Cancer was confirmed, but the surgeon said the scope wasn't able to reach it all and actually broke during the procedure. She is performing another surgery tomorrow to get the rest, but is now going in through a small incision in his groin. What can we expect to be different after surgery? Thanks!

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@specialk I'm so sorry the surgeon was unable to get all the cancer out….but I'm glad another procedure will be attempted tomorrow. I dont have experience with bladder cancer, but what I can do is connect you with a few people who do have experience and may be better able to help you. @Clarke @cooper2019 and @keith68 ….. tagging still does not seem to be working. Let me try again @cooper2019 @Keith48 @Cooper2019 @Clarke . Ok done. Good luck for tomorrow's procedure and please do check in tomorrow to let us know how it went.

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@specialk sorry… @keith68 not 48…but cant seem to tag this member.

Cynthia Mac
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specialk‍ I know of two people (both men) who have had bladder surgery by cystoscopy, but not through external incision, so it’s hard for me to predict what to expect.

On a guess, I would expect that, as with any lower abdomen surgery, he’ll be restricted in what he’ll be able to lift for a few weeks.

One of the men (my uncle) had a recurrence, so he will be going back in for another surgery in September. It will be cystoscopic again, as far as I know. The other (my fiance) had routine follow up checks with the cystoscope every 3 months for several years, then every 6 months for several more years.
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@specialk it is nice to meet you. My surgery was quite invasive in removing the entire bladder. On the table for 10 hours with skin taken from my left thigh and put in pelvic area where more cancer was found. If your husband has a small incision then cheers to that! Quicker recovery I would expect. Best wishes to you both.

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