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Welcome Nn (Caregiver)
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Hello Nn and welcome to our caring community…….We are here to listen and share and support you, and your loved one!

Please have a look through the site; there is a lot of helpful information.

I struggled to “tag” (reach) your screen name (I believe the system needs 3 characters…..with your Nn….others cannot tag either….perhaps change to NNN ?)

If you wish to reach out/'tag' another member, just type “@”screen name (no space after @), select name, turns blue, they receive your message.

I placed this “Welcome” under the care givers Forum….hoping other caregivers can soon chime in, and say hello.

How is your loved one doing?

How are you doing?

Let us support you both.

Welcome Nn



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I will copy and paste Nn so they see your post above


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