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appointment companion
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Hello, my name is Grace. My husband will start his Radiation treatment soon. He is 89 years old and has Alzheimer, and won't be able to attend the Radiation treatment by himself. I am 79 years old and have health problems, and won't be able to accompany him to his appointment every time. Is anyone aware of volunteer services that can provide companion to his appointment (e.g. to pick him up from the Handydart driver at the Hospital entrance and walk him to the treatment location in the hospital)? We live in Vancouver BC. Thank you.

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@kmkmkm Hello Grace and welcome from BC! So glad you reached out to us. We are all here, to listen and share and support one another.

With many covid “restrictions” being lifted….I do hope there are a few options for you, and your husband….

First place to seek support, is within his Hospital….please connect with the Social Worker/they will support loved ones and patients alike…they are a wealth of resources….Most large hospitals do have a lot of Volunteers…ask how you can “book” one volunteer, to meet your husband at drop off/pickup/take to radiation dept….there are also volunteer drivers…..(Sorry I am not in BC)…..I do hope other members can soon chime in as well…..

Perhaps reach his Nurse/Nurse Navigator…they too know many resources to assist those who need supports…..

Wishing your husband only the best…as he starts his radiation treatments……we are here, for you, and your husband!

Welcome Grace,



Hello and welcome @kmkmkm

I wanted to share a page from cancer.ca on transportation here:


I encourge you to call our Cancer Information Helpline at 1-888-939-3333 and they will be able to direct you to options in your area of BC.

Wishing you both well and with your husband's radiation. Does he have a start date yet?


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Hello Whitelilies and Lianne,
Thanks a lot for the information. We did ask the hospital but their volunteer service has been suspended due to covid. Canadian Cancer Society doesn't offer the service (to accompany the patient to treatments) either. Let me ask the Social Worker again to see if there's any support. The transportation part is okay because we can use Handydart, just need someone to pick him up at the hospital and attend the treatment with him.
We are still waiting for the initial consultation, but the treatment should be starting soon.
Thanks again for the support.

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here in Alberta, I have actually paid for someone to come pick me up from medical appointments where they do not allow you to leave yourself.
there are a few such companies here; I simply googled medical appointment accompaniment and had a list of folks to choose from.

good luck, must be such a stress for you knowing that your hubby needs that support.

let us know how things move along for you two.



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