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Preparation for lung surgery and aftercare
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Hello - my dad was diagnosed with stage 2 lung cancer back in 2021, he is 75. After all of the exams and waiting 4 months for a surgery date we finally have a surgery date for June 16th. I am his daughter and main caregiver. We live in different cities, 3 hours away. I am looking for advice and an idea what to expect once he is out of surgery. The surgeons said that they will try to remove one big tumor if possible without a lobectomy but most likely we are looking at his bottom of one of his lung lobes removed as well as other tumors. I am planning on relocating him to live with me and my family after the surgery but I am unsure if he can be relocated with minimal discomfort. Can anyone offer insight as to what one can expect as to movement and care after lung surgery. The surgeons really only said that he will be in the hospital for 4 days after surgery and recovery can take months, but no real insight as to daily life and how and what needs to be done. Thanks so much.

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Hi Maria

I had the lower lobe of my left lung removed 8 weeks ago. I was in hospital for 8 days, but that was because I tested positive for covid 5 days after my surgery.

The first couple of weeks were pretty rough, and I didn't do a whole lot for myself the first week I was out of hospital. Since then I've felt better each day and only really needed help with vacuuming and making my bed.

I'm saw my surgeon a couple of days ago and I no longer have any activity restrictions. Last night I went to an event with my family and walked a few km without any breathlessness. My incision sites are a bit sore today, which happens any time I start using muscles again.

Mostly, your dad needs to listen to his body. The first few weeks after surgery, if I did something physical one day I was wiped out the next. I did wake up in pain during the night for the first couple of weeks but I didn't have to sleep propped up (many people do). Don't wait for the pain to set in those first few weeks. Take the medication by the clock.

I hope that helps. Good luck with the surgery.

Cynthia Mac
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Lolie‍ Congratulations on your recovery from surgery. It’s remarkable what our bodies are capable of at times!

My Dad had a lung resection (they didn’t take a whole lobe). He didn’t bounce back quite as quickly as you (he was 78 at the time), but he did recover well.

I also popped by to say that his nurses also said the same thing as you about the pain meds. “Don’t be a hero - take the pain meds before you start feeling pain.” - That was especially important those first couple weeks after surgery.
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Thank you so much for your reply Lolie! Glad to hear you are recovering well.

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Thanks for your reply Cynthia!

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