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Trying to Help
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My dad is going through chemo treatment for stage 4 lung cancer. He is taking it like a champ, but has been dealing with “sores” popping up on his face, scalp and neck. The doctor just keeps giving him antibiotics when they become unbearable.
Has anyone had this happen? If so, do you have any remedies that might alleviate some of the discomfort or help clear it up.
I'm willing to look anywhere for some help, I hate seeing him deal with the discomfort, especially since I know he tries to hide it. That's hown know he's really struggling.
Thank you so much for any info shared!
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Hi @Jess1

Your father sounds like “a champ”, as you say. The sores on his face, scalp and neck sound uncomfortable. A dermatology referral may be helpful.

I have very red, inflamed skin reactions after every infusion so I was referred to a dermatologist after the first infusion in 2020. The dermatologist prescribed a topical lotion that wasn’t very helpful so I am grateful for masks. Some days, I want a mask the size of a diaper!😆 However, many patients have good results with dermatologists’ recommendations.

Fragrance-free Dove bar soap for sensitive skin, even on my head, relieves the discomfort considerably.

I hope your father has relief from this soon. I am glad he has you to help him. Wishing him a good outcome with his treatments!

Cynthia Mac
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Jess1‍ - my Dad also had lung cancer. Dad had mouth sores from his chemo treatment, and he wore dentures, so for him, it was really important to do those mouth rinses. He didn’t however, get sores on his face or scalp.

You don’t mention what medication your dad is on, or whether the doctors have linked the sores on his scalp and face to his meds. The antibiotics they give him, are they oral or topical?

If it’s your dad’s oncologist who is issuing the antibiotics, maybe get him to his GP. That might score the referral to the dermatologist that S2020‍ mentioned. You might also check with the pharmacist about the antibiotic he has already been prescribed. They won’t be able to give you something else, but they might have an alternative you could ask the doctor about.

Your dad is lucky to have you looking out for him, and we’ll support you the best we can.
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