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Coming back to cancerconnection
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Good morning, haven’t been here in awhile but have been convinced by west coast sailor or Angus to re visit. I’m a 52 year old guy with stage four lung cancer. 2 ½ years in and doing what I think very well. Staying active hiking biking running a bit and trying to stay out of trouble. Would love to see more men on the site share their experiences and tribulations with this disease.

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@Pinarello1 Welcome back! @WestCoastSailor can be very persuasive. :-)

I noticed that your post is under Care for someone with cancer, and I'm concerned that your post won't be seen by the right people. Perhaps you could post under Cancer Types (Lung) to find more people with your type of cancer.

I am also wondering if you might be interested in the group, Living with Advanced Cancer.

#welcome #LungCancer #advancedcancer

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See now this is why I don’t post often the site is hard to navigate. Lol!

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@Pinarello1 I'm glad you came back to make this post. It's encouraging to others on the journey to hear that you're active (and trying to stay out of trouble!).

@Pinarello1 How are you doing? Are you still participating or at least reading posts on the site? Don't worry about where to post what. It is a large site, and can be overwhelming. Fortunately, people can find you. Also, if you tag your posts, like I did with #LungCancer then anyone who clicks on the tag will be taken to all posts that have the same hash tag. There are lots of ways to navigate.

Another option is for you to read posts and reach out to others if you feel comfortable. Sometimes you help yourself most by helping others.

I hope you are doing well. I'm glad that you are being so active. You are an inspiration to me.


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thanks for being here. the doctors were very interested in my city transit occupation910 years) until the heard i smoked before that, off and on. so any occupational flag was dropped…as were the last two summers in BC! anyway, radiation is finished tomorrow and im being cautious but im mostly fine!

Cynthia Mac
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Haa‍ your post caught my eye for a couple of reasons.

My Dad also had lung cancer. You mention that yours is adenocarcinoma, which is a common one amongst smokers. My Dad had a very rare NSCL - pleomorphic, diagnosed in less than 1% of all lung cancer cases (small and non-small cell).

Dad worked in a Roads Department for most of his career, and you mention working in transit. Without knowing what you did in your job, I can advise that Dad was not an occasional smoker: he smoked right up to the day of his surgery and he barely gave his body a chance to heal before he started again. In addition, his hobby was working with engines and restoring antique (and kids’) vehicles. Lord knows what kinds of chemicals he used every day - and much of that was done before PPE was even on the horizon!

I always figured that if Dad’s lung cancer had been caused by his smoking he would have had a more “run of the mill” lung cancer. Now, you - an “off and on” smoker years before, developed exactly that kind of cancer. On one visit, we asked his surgeon if smoking caused his cancer, and he said no, probably not, but on the next visit, Dad asked what would have caused his cancer and the response was a very quick “smoking.”

This is getting long, but I’m telling you this because there is a growing stigma around smoking and lung cancer, as WestCoastSailor‍ can attest. The fact is, smoking can cause many kinds of cancer, including breast and bladder, but there doesn’t seem to be the same kind of stigma attached to them.

I see that you’ll finish your treatments today, so you may choose to let this matter go, but it also may prompt you (or others) to have a serious discussion with your doctor(s) about why they apparently “flip a switch” as soon as you tell them you smoked years ago. Ask them where they got their information, and how can it be so cut-and-dry.
Cynthia Mac
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@Pinarello1 thanks for chiming back in with your update. I agree, having men share their experiences will help a lot of other people.

I was just reading last night about the leading causes of death worldwide for the past few years (trying to research Covid statistics), and I learned that lung cancer affects more men than women, while dementia seems to affect more women than men.

Fairs fair. I went to my first zoom call with Man Up to Cancer last night. Ya convinced me to give it a try. I only had one guy tell me to take mushrooms to cure my lung cancer… Thanks for coming back.

And for those of you on Facebook - Dave got a wee bit political but full on confrontational for some odd remarks made about Stage 4 cancer patients in Alberta by a prominent Alberta personage. Good work my friend.


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