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Kindly help me how to handle severe numbness of my hands and fingers
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Can anyone advice on how to handle my severe numbness of hands and fingers due to chemo
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Runner Girl
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Hello @Ima

I did not get peripheral neuropathy (numbness) from my chemo as I iced my hands/feet. I do however have issues with my feet now that I'm on an aromatase inhibitor called anastrozole. I have recently started acupuncture and it is helping quite a bit. I'm down to 2 toes that go numb when I run and I can now stand for extended periods and not have my feet go numb.

I've looked up some information and will provide some links below:




Hopefully something here will bring you some relief.

Runner Girl


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Thank you so much, @Runner Girl.

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@Ima Im sorry you suffered neuropathy…I have it mildly in hands and feet. Biggest thing for me is keeping them warm. This seems to matter indoors and out. I have better function and feeling if they are warm. I am completely useless outdoors if I let my hands get cold - which is a challenge when we go snow shoeing or camping (in Manitoba) but my lovely hubby is very willing to help me…
Also, I’d talk to your oncologist and ask for a referral to a neurologist. There are some treatments to help the pain which may be helpful.
I have found exercising and building strength has helped a bit. For my feet, rebuilding my balance centres was essential - lots of work on a balance board and exercising on one leg then the other. And for the hands as well as arm strengthening exercises I challenge myself with hard things like buttons so I’ve learned to button a shirt!

Hopefully some others will chime in with some ideas too…Essjay

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I have serious issues with CIPN in my feet due to chemo and have been taking 300 mg of Lyrica daily and recently added CBD oil which has been helping more then anything I’ve tried in the past 5 years!!!

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