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Adult daughter with cancer
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Does anyone have an adult daughter with breasts cancer. Trying to cope with her diagnosis and treatment. She is 39.

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Hello DS51 ~ I want to welcome you to our support community with so many knowledgeable and supportive people here. I hope you find the comfort that I did when my adult son was diagnosed with testicular cancer at the beginning of 2020.

When we have one family member with a diagnosis of cancer we have many, many family and friends who are caregivers. When someone we love is living with cancer it changes our world view in many ways. We learn to appreciate what the important things to us really are and to not sweat the small stuff. Many of us find ourselves not having any clue what the best way help is but the Canadian Cancer Society has a guide for that! See the link below. Thank goodness because I was so distraught that all I wanted to do was just talk about it.


Others will be along shortly and I will be back in a bit with some names of those who are on the same caregiver journey.

Warm hugs


Connection is healing

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@DS51 ~ I found two folks who may feel up to sharing with you. @AndreaE and @mum1.

Here is the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS) guide which has everything you need to know about breast cancer that you can share with others too.


Was your daughter just diagnosed?

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Our daughter was 39 3 years ago when diagnosed. It was a real blow as you know. We have experience with my wife going through breast cancer before that but that just gave us a bit of knowledge, not the emotional capability to deal with it, at least initially. The one hopeful thing I would say is that recovery and survival are very high these days, and the cancer agencies we've dealt with are very professional and caring. Listen to the doctors and other professionals and take advantage of everything they offer - it's there for a reason. The best thing we did as parents was take the load of everything else off her that we could, and that was possible since she lived locally to us and we could help with managing the home and looking after the children and her partner as much as possible. Today she is back to normal and is active and aware of how much life is worth living.

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Thanks so much for sharing @DJC001. Happy to hear your daughter is doing well and back to normal life. I’m going to tag @DS51 to be sure she gets your reply to her thread.

@DS51 just so you know we use tags to reply directly to others here. You just type the @ symbol and without leaving a space start typing the user name who you are replying too. A drop down list will appear and you chose the user name you want by clicking on it and it will appear highlighted in blue in your post. The user then gets an email notice of your post.

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