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ER at 2 am
Title really says it all. He started bleeding from the nose and vomiting blood. Waiting for the ENT to arrive in the morning to scope him. He's trying to get some rest on a stretcher in the hall. I'm sitting with him because I'm terrified to let him out of my sight.
I don't know why I'm writing this. I'm so scared and so tired and this roller coaster has left me completely punch drunk. Please, I could really use some hope.
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Oh gosh @BlizzardWarning its 2:09 a.m. and I just happen to be up too. Im so sorry…..please let us know as you find out what is going on…do you have any idea what caused it? In emergency there is actually a 24 hour social worker on call. Ask of you can talk to them. I do recall rushing my fiance to the hospital many times at all hours and the 24 hour social worker kept me calm…. Please let us know what's happening…big hugs!

Hello again, @Brighty terrible time of the morning to be up, right? Not sure what caused it. Today was a normal day, we had dinner with his siblings and spent a relaxing fun evening with them chatting. Then when we were going to bed, he sniffed, felt something dislodge in his nose, and then the bleeding started.

Our on call social worker is busy at the moment. Saturday nights are busy and weird at the ER. When my partner dozed off, I went to the bathroom and ugly cried for a bit, and that seems to have let off some of my personal internal pressure.

All this is so exhausting. How do I keep up my mental and emotional stamina for this?

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I'm so sorry this has happened. Grateful you were able to get to emergency and get some assistance.

Sending you a big HUG.

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Just wondering what's happening @BlizzardWarning . How is he and how are you? Did you get the chance to chat with tbe social worker yet? I also would sometimes call a family member to come for support. I would call his dad or my mom. But with covid I'm not sure they let anyone else in now. Maybe just call to have someone on tbe phone with you to talk you down. Let us know what's happening when you can.

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@BlizzardWarning Hello…..sending positive thoughts, to you and your husband….. we are all, here, to support you both.



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@BlizzardWarning Sorry I caught your post so late. I've been on his end of the ER trips and like him have a beautiful person in my life that will drop everything and take me.I hate to whine, but it's just not fair that we not only have cancer but we also undergo problems that stack against us…if it's not one thing, it's another. It seems we can't get through one without another popping up. I know it's that way for the care givers too. And it's exhausting.

Just take care of yourself for him. I know you care far too much for him to stop now. All of us are Family here and will always have your back. No matter what you need we'll do our best to provide it for you. Your strength in this is admirable !

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oh my goodness @BlizzardWarning!

so sorry that you had this unexpected trip to the ER, but so glad that @Brighty happened to be up too!
even if its thru the World Wide Web, its nice to have someone ‘with you’.

let us know how things are moving along, once you're settled.


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Hello everyone, thanks for your support. Sorry for the delayed update. We were at the hospital quite some time and by the time we got home I had a migraine, so we both crashed hard.

Doctors believe the tumour in his sinuses started bleeding because apparently tumour tissue is fragile? The vomiting blood was from it going down the back of his throat into his stomach and not a GI bleed. It was scary and really stressful, but ER was the right place. They were able to keep him hydrated by iv and stave off complications while the bleed stabilized. He's home now, and the ENT will be following up.

I ended up talking to a friend of mine who lives in Australia and that helped. For one the time difference worked in our favour. But i was glad to be able to make a post here and get support as well. Thank you all for your concern and help.

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Thank you for updating us @BlizzardWarning .glad he is home now and they were able to stabilize the bleeding…both if you take care and get some rest!!!!! <update when you can.

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@BlizzardWarning I’m glad you’re home and that things have stabilized. I hope you can both catch your breath and relax. Glad you felt comfortable enough to reach out.

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Hello @BlizzardWarning and thanks for your posts. It is horrible to be with a loved one during such agonizing illness. The ER was exactly the place to be, and I am glad you and your husband enjoyed dinner and conversation with those closest to you.

@Brighty has smart suggestions and I concur with contacting a social worker, or a Patient Navigator via your Cancer Centre. Both you and your husband may find solace as you ride this ‘cancer journey’. I send you virtual hugs of understanding and support.

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