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Updated Therapy Plan
Hello, and thanks to everyone for their kind words of support on my last post.
We met with medical oncology yesterday and they had put together a plan for combined immunotherapy to start immediately. Like, right after the consult immediately. The oncologist had gotten everything together very quickly, especially considering the surgeon was late updating him. Apparently the oncologist had called the approvals board himself to try and get the special approval needed, so we appreciate that.
The case studies on this therapy say that when it works, it can be really effective. So please send good thoughts, prayers, positive vibes, whatever. We can use all the help we can get.
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@BlizzardWarning sso glad things are getting sstart immediately! Sending all the best wishes for his tbe treatment !

@Brighty thanks. We're both frightened and hopeful, and that's a weird combination.

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Totally normal @BlizzardWarning !

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Hello @BlizzardWarning I wanted to reach out because my husband and I are going through something similar, although he has esophageal cancer (stg4), I'm 46 and he is 50. I wanted to just share that doctors have to be blunt, and not give you too much hope because that's their job, and they can only predict based on statistics and other people, none of whom are ACTUALLY your husband. And honestly- they don't know everything. We are doing allopathic chemo etc, but also making use of all the other alternative therapies we possibly can- and meditation/visualization is a key one. My husband never meditated before he got cancer, btw. Our first intro to this way of thinking was through Dr. Bernie Siegel's book “Love, Medicine and Miracles” -I HIGHLY recommend you check it out. It's older, so you can order it online from used bookstores etc. for about $5. If that helps you as much as it helped me, then check out Dr. Joe Dispenza and his writings- I ordered the book called “You Are the Placebo”. It gave me a lot of hope. This is still the shittiest roller coaster ride I've ever been on, but don't just accept the prognosis as handed to you, you might have quite a few more great years left with your husband. Also, my therapist says that it's important to live in the present, not the future, because none of us know what is going to happen, and you might be wasting your precious energy grieving something that will never come to pass, or that will look completely different than what you fear. Also, it sounds like you have a great oncologist who will advocate for you, that's so important. Regardless, at least you know you're not alone. <3 Take care

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@LeelaMack thank you for reaching out to @BlizzardWarning . I took care of my fiance who had esophgeal cancer too, stage 4 so feel free to reach out to me @LeelaMack . We are in tbe same age bracket I see. Although it doesn't matter. .Cancer sucks at any age. How are you doing @BlizzardWarning ?

@LeelaMack thank you for your advice and insight. Both my partner and I have dabbled in meditation before, and we're getting back into it now. It's very useful for helping with stress and anxiety, and right now controlling those is one of the best things we can do for ourselves.

And you're right : statistics are useful, but ultimately mean nothing to the individual. We don't know what will happen in the future, and that's true of everyone, whether they are going through something like this or not. All we know is right now, and right now I'm having a relaxing evening with my partner watching Schitts Creek again. This is good, and what might happen in the future doesn't make it less good.

I hope your day is going well, or at least has something nice in it, too.

@Brighty honestly,I'm kind of exhausted today. A lot of stuff catching up to me at once. He is, too. Says the first treatment feels like the fatigue after a vaccine times 1000. But overall we're both in good spirits.

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Hi Leela,


I would love to chat with you because my husband has stage 4 esophagus cancer. Wondering what chemo regime he is on and where he is getting treatment.

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wow. how great that things are moving along so quickly in your story! I am sending ALL the good vibes & virtual hugs that you both can handle. thank you for the update. as someone who has been a caregiver and a cancer patient - I firmly believe the harder ‘gig’ was caregiver. please take care of yourself too.

the specific Siegal book you site was not available my local library, but I found another; ‘Help me to Heal’ that I have requested. anyone who describes their story as ‘shittiest roller coaster ride’ is my kind of peeps. I am looking forward to this read. thank you for sharing your wisdom, experience & hope with us all.

you have found a great place--welcome to the community.
on this cancer connections forums, there is a specific discussion area for Head & Neck that you might find some folks with similar protocols as your partners.
also, the Princess Margaret has some short module type things to work thru on a wide variety of cancer related topics; again head and neck seems to be represented.

wishing you all the best THURSDAY evah

#cancerinthefamily #caregiver #cancerconnectioniscommunity


Good to hear from you. So glad to hear a treatment plan has been set.

I thought you might find this info on Immunotherapy helpful:

Sending you positive vibes that treatment works well.

If you have any questions please reach out,


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Hi @BlizzardWarning and @LeelaMack

I send you and your loved ones blessings, prayers of thanks, hope and admiration, as it is good to let everyone know about your recovery paths.

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I wouldn't be frightened be more on the hopeful side, Immunotherapy is nowhere close to chemotherapy, your Oncologist should be your guide. When it works it's a lifesaver.

@Eddie thanks. I'm working at being hopeful. Immunotherapy does seem like a really ground breaking treatment. Fingers crossed that it works.

@BlizzardWarning just sending some healing thoughts your way this morning 🌸🌼🌻

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I've been through the immunological treatment for colan cancer and it shrunk my tumor by ⅔ (size of a softball to the size of a billiard ball) . So trust me if it works it can be a game changer. Im scheduled for surgery now and my surgeon was shocked that this worked so well. So be hopefully and keep faith. Remember that the statistics are calculated based on the previous ten years of data the effect of new treatments won't even show up in statistics for 5 years or so. So just use them as reference points, if they comfort you or ignore them if they bother you, afterall there just history not predictors.

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Which treatment gave you such outstanding results? Keep the faith, this will be the cancer cure. It will take time..

@MadiganB congratulations on the shrinkage! That's wonderful to hear. I hope your surgery goes well.

Thanks for the wisdom about the statistics, too. It's hard to not get overwhelmed by the numbers sometimes. I'm still hopeful that this treatment will work.

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