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Alternative treatments
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Hello everybody,

Someone is trying alternative treatments for any reason? Can you share?

Thank you and I wish you have peace in your heart!!

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I think there are a few folks who have tried complementary therapies to help ease symptoms - for example, CBD oil or acupuncture for pain, massage therapy to deal with scarring or lymphedema.

Is this what you mean?
Runner Girl
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Eliana‍ ,

I used CBD oil during chemo when I was struggling and losing weight. It helped immensely and my weight loss stopped.

I had acupuncture treatments when the bone, joint and muscle pain from being on Tamoxifen became too much to tolerate. I went every 3 weeks and was completely pain free.

Runner Girl
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Eliana‍ - The Canadian Cancer Society also has a guide about alternative treatments that you may find helpful.

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Hi ,
ps. Seems people are more open to medical CBD when compared to 2020 I first joined this site 😊

BC cancer agency is recruiting cancer patient for the trial CAFCARS : Cannabis for Cancer-Related Symptoms

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Hi Eliana

For your information, I have used GOOGLE translate to convert to English.

At present, in addition to high-priced new cancer drugs, more and more non-cancer drugs such as blood pressure drugs, blood lipid drugs, blood glucose drugs, antibiotics, etc., are used for anti-cancer research, but because they have been patented, there is no huge funding for human trials, and multiple drugs are required. Simplify the method to evaluate.

In METRICS clinical trials, the survival rate in malignant brain tumors is only 14 months. Four safe drugs that affect cancer cell genes, signals, and metabolism are selected: blood sugar drugs, blood lipids, anti-insect drugs, and antibiotics (MAMD). The back-to-back data is significantly prolonged. The patient survived (27 months vs. 15 months) and is currently undergoing clinical trials in the UK.

Principles of four drug cocktail metabolism therapy:

4 kinds of imitation single-use drugs: blood glucose drug metformin, blood lipid drug atorvastatin, anti-insect drug mebendazole, antibiotic doxycycline.

According to past research, it is related to the growth, proliferation, auto-apoptosis, angiogenesis and other metabolism of cancer cells.

The three drugs metformin, atorvastatin, and doxycycline are related to the cell membrane protein transmission signal of cancer cells. Metformin further affects the self-apoptotic epigenesis and regulates the signal transmission of STAT3.

These three drugs, statins, metformin, or mebendazole, can enhance the killing power of cancer cells (lung cancer) in regular treatment (chemotherapy and radiotherapy) and reduce resistance.

Metformin and doxycycline destroy the resistance of cancer stem cells.

Mebendazole, metformin, and statins indirectly regulate the recognition and attack of cancer cells by the immune system.

For this reason, METRICS study combines these four relatively long-established and safe drugs to conduct clinical tests against brain tumors or other more advanced cancers."


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