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Chemo not working
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My husband has Mantle cell non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He had his first treatment on Feb 1. They were alternating treatments of R-CHOP and DHAP. He did fine with both ot the treatments. after the DHAP treatment the lymph nodes in his neck swelled again about 2 weeks after but when he had the R-CHOp treatment again they went down. He had a CT scan before hie 4th cycle and when he went for his appt. this past Thursday the Dr told him the chemo is not working. THey stopped his chemo right away and are replacing his treatment with a pill called Ibrutinib. He has been referred to Juranvinski Cancer Center in Hamilton where they will do a Stem Cell transplant. He was supposed to use his own stem cells and now he will need to use a donor. We are having a hard time getting any info from our Dr. He just always so busy and on to the next patient. It’s so discouraging. Now we are told it could be a month before we hear from Juravinski. Feeling like we are starting over again.

I guess after my rant, my question is.....has anyone been on Ibrutinib and if so, what was your experience with it? Also if you had. a stem cell transplant what was the process you went thru?

Thank you
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Cynthia Mac
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Hi, Deb1958‍ I went looking to try and find answers for you, and it appears that you’ve got some information from another post you made on the site.

I hope that is true and that the inbrutinib is effective for your husband.

PS: you just “rant away” - that’s part of the reason we’re here!
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