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Rollercoaster changes
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On caring for my husband through pancreatic cancer, what a Rollercoaster of events and emotions. After several rounds of different chemos he has had a stent put near his bile duct, had a blood clot in his leg and been generally somewhere between ill and really ill since Christmas. Sunday had to take him to hospital, cancer has spread and yet three days later after alot of iv meds he is feeling, looking, eating and acting healthier than he has been for months. It is so wonderful but I am baffled how it can be....they are throwing around words like palliative, hospice and aggressive and yet he really seems better. How can we keep that going? Any suggestions at all would be helpful thanks and wishing everyone comfort and care
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Put him on an anti-inflammatory whole food plant based diet without oil Sugar and Oil because it reduces inflammation that drives cancer growth. A good start is Dr. McDougall Program is good because it helps to reverse cancer by means of a Plant-Based diet that uses starch to keep up and maintain your strength while you only eat fruits and vegetables with the nutrients to reverse cancers. I have Multiple Myeloma - a cancer of the bone marrow. .I do not eat potatoes because it fuels inflammation. But I do eat SWEET POTATO and yams such as Jamaican and African yams because they build up my strength, have antioxidents that fight cancer.. Since going on a plant-based diet my chronic diseases that include Angina, Arthritis, High Blood pressure and Cancer have all gone into remission. Good luck on you effort. All the best,
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what a rollercoaster ride indeed!

I'm no doctor, but I think the ups & downs of this whole stage of life are not unusual. how lovely for you to have him home again feeling so well!

possibly because your hubby wasn't feeling feeling great after his surgery(s) fluids and nutrition intake were just too difficult while at home....in hospital, it was all administered IV so very passive, and sounds like it did him a world of good! maybe this is something to explore with his health care team???

I am reading a book right now, called: A Beginner's Guide to the End...Practical Advice for Living Life and Facing Death. authors: BJ Miller, MD & Shoshana Berger. this book was mentioned here in one of the forums, (sorry cannot remember which one exactly), and it is a big book full of honest, funny & real useful information about this time of our lives. for each topic there is a caregiver space also. really defines and describes words like palliative & hospice. I got mine from my library - might be a good resource for you right now?

here in Alberta the sun is shining and it looks like we will have a beautiful Easter weekend. I hope the same is for you where you are. enjoy this time with hubby

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Hi thank you so much for your reply and the book suggestion, I will get the book right away, checking the library later today. We are in Alberta as well and it is a beautiful
sunny Saturday, just grateful for that right now. I am so grateful for every day, literally even the bad ones are precious. Thanks for your support and much light and blessings
to you and your family.
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Hi thank you for your response and for reaching out. I am checking out the Dr. MacDougall Program now and we have
heard that sugars feed cancer. He is diabetic as well so sugars are already a no-no. We will work on getting some
fabulous veggies and fruits into him and it is great to hear that you are in remission. Remission is the word we hope
for because it sounds like surgery/removal is not an option as the tumor is kissing up to his femoral artery. My sister
in law has suggested 'juicing' him, however I have stayed away from that because of the sugars that are all left in the drink.
Working on the 'one day at a time' strategy, but the right foods will certainly help. Thanks so much for taking the time
to respond and we wish you luck, light and a permanent remission.
Happy Easter and Be Safe
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I am just coming up to my first anniversary of surviving lung cancer. I read a great book called Radical Remission which tells of lots of people who have a similar story to your husband. They changed their lifestyles starting with diet. Hope1561 talks about something very similar. They are surviving as much as 10-15 years with various cancers.
I am following the lifestyle changes starting with diet, NO sugar and fried foods. Lots of veggies. I have a juicer and make my own veggie and fruit juices with no sugar added. They taste great !
I am 72 yrs old and started to do light workouts, walking is great and with half a lung gone good cardio for me.
I started a stress management program called Palouse Mindfulness which is free on line which includes a lot of meditation. You can do as little as 20-30 min. a day.
This disease isn’t a death sentence anymore and I am going to continue to do everything I can to make sure I get 20 more years.
It is an emotional roller coaster for sure. As I get ready for my CAT Scan I am terrified it will have returned and I am fighting that anxiety daily right now. I will have really great days where I didn’t even think of cancer.
The longer you survive the less down days you have. It is a continuing journey and you need to focus on keeping yourself healthy which will help you both. There are so many great people on here that will listen and understand. They have so many experiences and can share great sources of information.
You AREN’T alone as we are all here with you.
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Thank you so much for your kind and helpful response, just knowing people are out there
and have suggestions to offer makes me so grateful I can't express it. The fear is sometimes
overwhelming and we are both willing to fight this hideous thing with all available weapons.
I will be doing alot of reading and working on the right diet, several people have suggested
juicing, Scott is a diabetic so I have been very hesitant to 'juice' him but at this point, we will
try it for sure. Even without added sugar, I have been told that juicing the fruit and veggies
leaves all the sugar in the juice and all the goodies in the compost bin.....perhaps I have been misinformed?
I will be pursuing this for sure and reading Radical Remission as well. I am so glad to see so many
survivors and fighters and wonderful caring people on this site, thank you all, you lift my heart which
some days is pretty heavy. Thank you and I wish you continued good health and a clean scan. Also
Happy Easter!
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Let me know what you find out on the juicing. I don’t do fruits at all. Sugar has never been an issue but now it is. I will look too and let you know what I can discover.
Cynthia Mac
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The sugar and cancer debate is not new, however it has been debunked numerous times.

To everyone choosing that route, I champion you (particularly as someone who likes her sweets), and hope that this choice works for you.

For people who aren’t sure if this is for you, I recommend doing a search a I have done, and doing your own independent research. My search (and most searches) have a bunch of ads at the top that need to be disregarded, then links information from various places - in my case, the Canadian Cancer society, Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, the Mayo Clinic, Oncology nutrition.org and WebMD. Further down the list there’s also a link to the Australian Cancer Society.

I also recommend that any “sweeping changes” to lifestyle (at any time) be done in consultation with your health team.

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