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Caring for someone with cancer
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Hello. It's with a heavy saddened heart that I announce the passing of my beautiful wife and the mother of our daughters this March 18th 2021. She fought a hard and very short battle with this horrible cancer disease. She was diagnosed with a unknown primary source back in early December. She passed away peacefully at home surrounded by our loving daughters and I. She was a young 51 beautiful full of energy woman who we Love and adore so much. I can't start to describe the feelings my daughters and I are going thru . It's sad for me to watch my young daughters watch their mom go thru this. But they are strong and very supportive to me. I thank them so much for their love and support. They are amazing young ladies who cared for their mom from day one. One of them is a nurse . I like to thank everyone who replied with their advices and support ❤ Flea
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Oh Flea‍ Im so sorry for this great loss for your young family.

Warmest of hugs and comfort for you all.
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Hello Flea

I am so very sad to hear such sad news. From your posts I know how much your wife was loved by her family and how much she will be missed. She will always be in your hearts and minds and I hope that there are times when you and your daughters can share the good memories as well the very sad ones. 🖤

Hugs to you and your daughters.

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Flea‍ please accept my condolences on the loss of your beautiful wife. Let the memories you shared together bring you comfort. Virtual hugs.
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My hearts goes out to you and your daughters. My heartfelt condolences on your loss.
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Oh I am so sorry to hear of your loss, and I wish you peace and light and hope through the grief.
It is so comforting to have family who care, and I hope you and your daughters are getting all
the love and support that you need. In such a painful time I hope you know that all sorts of people
are sending you warm wishes and love. Be safe and Hold Fast!
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Flea‍ I just wanted to extend my sympathies to you and your daughters with the passing of your wife. It is good that you are a family unit that will support each other. Take your time and share with each other. Many support services to reach out to as needed, here on the site and in the community.

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