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Support groups for caregivers?
My mom has advanced cancer with an unknown primary all throughout her abdomen which has recently spread to her spine. I haven’t found the right counsellor and I’m unsure of where to go for support. I’d like a support group of some kind I think. I’d like to know what worked for some people.

Anything helps
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Hello thegivingtree‍ - So sorry you and your mom find yourselves on this difficult journey. I found this program with its focus on caregivers with One on one counselling and support groups after each webinar to be so good for me. Ontario Caregiver Organization at link below.

I’ll be back later with more. Im going to tag Brighty‍ who can share what she found helpful when her partner had advanced cancer.

Warm Hugs
Thank you very much Trillium‍ ❤️ I will look into the link you sent!

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TThank you for tagging me Trillium‍ . Welcome thegivingtree‍ !so sorry about your mom. For me I went to the oncology social worker a lot for support. As well,I went to see my family doctor. Told him I was in a bad state. He refurred me to a day therapy program at the hospital. It was summer and I was off work. It was a group like session and it was intense. All day every day. I had a social worker assigned to me and got one on one daily. I also had a phychiatirst assigned to me and saw him daily. When I completed the program, I went back to work. I was assigned to another social worker who worked evenings to continue with him once per week. Many hospitals have day programs and are doing it by zoom. The oncology social worker can tell you which hospitals ,or your family doctor might know...and can refer you. Good luck!!!!!
Thank you very much for sharing Brighty‍! I’ll see if I can get in touch with an oncology social worker and see if they can find me a group as well.

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Tierza, I am sorry you and your mother are going through this.

wellspring.ca has many support programs and resources that may be helpful for you and your mother.They are all online during the pandemic.

As Brighty suggested, an oncology social worker is helpful, too.
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thegivingtree‍ - another that I found helpful is Cancer Chat by The Desouza Institute. There are groups for both you and your mom too. They are in a chat room format and are lead by a professional counsellor. There is a caregiver one that starts March 4th.

Thank you S2020‍ for the Wellspring groups. I have not taken this one but many people here like them.

Let us know how you are doing going forward, Thegivingtree.

Hello thegivingtree
I am sorry to hear of your mom's diagnosis but glad you reached out. You have heard from some of our members already about checking out the social worker at her hospital/ clancer clinic. I noted that you are in BC. BC Cancer has patient and family counseling that may be helpful. Their link is here: http://www.bccancer.bc.ca/our-services/services/supportive-care/patient-family-counselling

I also wanted to give you the link to BC Caregiver's https://www.familycaregiversbc.ca/ along with Canadian Virtual Hospice https://www.virtualhospice.ca/en_US/Main+Site+Navigation/Home.aspx

Many support groups are not meeting right now but if you call our Cancer Information Helpline, at 1-888-939-3333, they may be able to point you in the direction of applicalbe resources.

And of course you can continue to reach out here as you need. We have many members who have loved and cared for diagnosed family members.


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Sorry to hear about your mom and her diagnosis thegivingtree

I just requested a counseling appointment with wellspring last night as an interim before meeting the oncology social worker but there are also support groups!


Hope this might be of help to you!
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thegivingtree‍ There is another posted here in this thread by Jayaelle‍ who is also from BC.

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Hi Trillium. I think that "Caregivers Connect: Support and Relaxation" offered by Wellspring would be perfect for you.

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