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Looking for a french-English translator with a meeting with an oncology nurse
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Hello, dear friends here.
I am an AI engineer and researcher, and want to use my tech skills in cancer projects.
Recently, I contacted several oncology professor and nurse. One of the nurses only speaks French, and we will have a meeting this Wednesday afternoon at 4:30-5:00 (Montreal/Toronto time) Could anyone give me a hand for the translation?
Besides, I will continuously have meeting with oncology and cancer doctors and researchers. (The most recent one is tomorrow at 1:00 pm with an oncology professor). If you are interested to learn more, welcome to join as well!

Thank you very much!

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If you are doing this within a hospital ask if the Social Work department can provide an interpreter. Also you can try any of the universities in MTL to see if they have a program for interpreting. You might be able to find one. Or perhaps find a student who is willing to do this. Make sure to mention that you need one for medical interpretation which is why getting one from the hospital would be best. At the hospital make sure to ask if they know anyone outside the hospital if they won’t provide one for “research” purposes. Or perhaps one can help you find one outside the hospital
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Thank you very much for your reply, Lillee.
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