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When The Bed Is Empty
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Grief is an emotion that's almost unplayable because you're in a separate emotional state; it's an inconsolable emotion. Nicolas Roeg

Tears are the first thing that happens. I recall with such a volatile mix of tears and gratitude and pains of the heart when her bed was empty.

How does a caregiver handle such things when they happen? Can you offer any insights for others here who are headed for a similar journey? Or, if you are expecting the bed to be empty soon, what can be done to navigate such a difficult journey? What would you like to see happen?

Please share your journey with us. We need your voice to encourage others.

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CentralAB‍ what happened for me was I found Dan in my bed when I got home from work one day. The bed became a terrifying place for me. My therapist suggested I get a new mattress and sheets. I got new sheets. I could also not sleep there for a good while and stayed in my old bedroom at my parents place. I slowly went back home....I did it in stages... an hour...then 2 hours.. then a day....then after a while I was ok to sleep there again. I had my cat with me and I started associating my bed with my comfort place that I snuggle with Vinnie instead of the place I found Dan unconcious.
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