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Re: Sadness

Posted by rivers on Nov 22, 2020 10:09 pm

ws33‍ I'm glad to hear you're having a moment of calm. I wish you more of those. I can understand the roller coaster of emotions.

MCoaster‍ thank you for your message. I am seeing that it can be helpful to offer support to others when and if I can, to bring some focus outside my own thoughts, that will be there anyway for a long time. Just trying to connect with others who understand what this is like helps. It is so sad that so many people experience this in life, but I'm so thankful this forum exists. Re: rivers, you describe it well. Right now I feel swept along by time, though I am wanting to go back, and grasping for anything to keep me afloat and connected to him, and the feeling of drowning in tears. But also maybe carried along by people, friends, family and people on sites like this, who are keeping my head above water. It shifts hourly...