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Son with disability

Re: Son with disability

Posted by Trillium on Jul 7, 2020 9:31 pm


Thanks for your thoughts. The catch 22 is he has to be willing....enough to make us pull our hair out. He is letting me clean but sometimes will delay it and I’m trying to be patient and have him be as comfortable as he can be. He understands that he is immune compromised but can only handle so much information and is not able to act on very much. Good idea about the OT and I will see if that can work. He used to have an OT on his health team but not sure if he still does. He finds it easier to say no thank you to offers of help.

I have been very stressed and certainly don’t  feel very strong, Recently. I no longer have access to my counsellor so thought I best get in touch with the social worker on Friday. The Dr said they put in the request so I should hear soon.  She called me yesterday and I talked about the stress of him being in hospital and about my mom related to that hospital and all that lead up to my being on an antidepressant and how it helps and also about my sons inability to care for his hygiene. She said that she feels I need to express myself around all of this with other family members in a local cancer group and she will check in with me in 2 weeks. 

So being in a support group such as this is so helpful for me but I think my sons other concerns would be better addressed with families in a same situation. I don’t want to be a burden to anyone. I will call her suggested groups tomorrow.

Thanks for listening, Margaret. I so hope you are having some peaceful days.