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Thank You
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I came to these forums for guidance and strength and I have found it, specifically in "caring for someone with cancer". When the nights were late and my dad was restless I would read stories on here in between sitting him up and helping him pee. When my sisters and I would have a minute to talk I always relayed something I had read on here. Stuff like, a women and her mom are not getting along but no one else in the family will care for her. Another one I read was someone on here caring for someone with cancer for their third time. These stories gave me strength. My dad never became a former shell of himself, or bitter. Partly from his own strength and he said partly because we were so strong for him. You see with cancer you have good days and bad days. My dads only bad day was his last day. He's gone now. I thank everyone whose posted stories, replies, resources and sent love to each other.

thank all of you.
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Hi jdtv

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's passing. I can relate my dad's most difficult day was definitely his last day. I'm glad you were able to find comfort here. 

It sounds like you and your sisters provided your dad with amazing support and love during his time of need. He must have been so proud.

Keep in mind you are more then welcome to stay active in our community and offer your wisdom and experience to help others if you are up to it. You are always welcome.

Hugs to you,
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jdtv‍ my deepest sympathies to you and your family. Hold memories close to your heart and your father with remain with you forever. May he rest in peace, free of pain and disease.

Thank you for all you have contributed as well. I agree with Lacey. If you are up to it, now or later, please feel free to always come back. But now heal, individualy and as a family, however that may look for you.

Peace and comfort to you all.
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