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Colorectal cancer- symptoms and treatments you had
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just on recovery from mastectomy but my next inquiry is about colorectal cancer- please      Rely with your diagnosis symptoms and treatment. Thank you!
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Hi Jaytee:

It sounds like you've been through a lot. I'm too healing from surgery so it gives us time to think ahead and research next steps. I get it. 
If you're at all concerned about colorectal cancer and you've seen blood when you go to the bathroom (after or during a bowel movement), then book an appointment with your GP and have them refer you to get a colonoscopy.   I know my surgeon doesn't deal with anything other than my colon, so because I'm having issues now from radiation, I need to go back to my GP and get a different referral. Each doctor seems to deal with one area only. 

I've gone through it all -  radiation, chemo, and 4 surgeries (I had complications develop so it did cause me to have more surgeries). 
I've had an ostomy and finally 1.5 years later I just had my reversal. Am in the healing phase now. 

Good luck and please know that whatever the outcome, you've gone through hard things before, so you'll get through this too. 
Reach out anytime. 
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thank you!
so glad you’re on the other side! 

Welcome to the community and congratulations on your recent reversal surgery


How is your mastectomy healing going? Have you been having colorectal cancer symptoms or been given that diagnosis?

Thinking of you

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jaytee‍ Hello....the symptom I had for about 8 weeks, was bleeding.....in the toilet....during BMs.......it was actually pink......I told my GP ....and then I needed a referral to get a colonoscopy....once I got the DX "on the spot" from GI dr......I was then referred to the surgical oncologist . Other common symptoms are bloating...diarrhea...constipation....overall change in BMs.....address whatever you feel you must....do not brush aside.......
If you have other questions, please post.

CMP‍ Congrats on Reversal........now time to heal.......
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