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Thanks to my Caregivers!

Thanks to my Caregivers!

Posted by Trishfw on Oct 3, 2020 5:50 pm

Thanks to caregivers!
I am heading for my last chemo treatment in a couple of weeks.
Breast Cancer Her2+. I’ve a long way to go but at this point I have taken a moment to think of the support I have received.  
My friend Lenard who seemed to pop into my life when I really needed one.  He’s my ears, my eyes, my director, my teacher.  Gives me advice when I might not be inclined to want any.  Re: diet, reminders etc.
My sons Dan has just been diagnosed with MS but his power of positive thinking is contagious.
My son Steven, who is helping us both through our journies. Getting groceries, changing light bulbs and mostly just being himself.  We banter and argue and that is normal for us.  Something normal and consistent in my life.
My siblings, My sister/roommate who checks on me after treatment to make sure I’m ok and generally keeps an eye on me.
Long distance caregivers.  Hours on the phone. I even tell one of them all the gory details.  2 other sisters who keep me in touch with the outside world. My brother, who tells me I should do a stand up routine when this is all over.  He takes news with humour better than the cold facts.  I try to accommodate. Share stories of their lives. Nieces, aunts, friends some old some new.  My friend and nail lady, can’t wait to get back to her.  Keeps an open appointment for me for when I can get back to her.  
Each of these people are my caregivers.
Thanks to them all!

Re: Thanks to my Caregivers!

Posted by islandgirl2020 on Oct 4, 2020 11:20 am

So happy for you that you have an end to chemo.  It is sometimes so hard to thank all the people in our lives properly, so glad you have a support system.  One of my BF went through it by herself (I met her after her treatment was over 10 years ago or I would have been there) and I just don't know how she did it.  She is a loner and had some family but really kept it to herself.  People want to help, want to be involved, don't want to feel hopeless.  I am in the midst (just finished round 3 of chemo in hopes of surgery to remove pancreatic tumor we are trying to shrink away from a vein) and can't wait until some future break from chemo. From one fighter to another, enjoy this time :)

Re: Thanks to my Caregivers!

Posted by Trishfw on Oct 5, 2020 1:04 pm

Good Morning
Wish you the best with your journey!
I find it takes time to get things figured out with treatment.
How long will you take Chemo?  The weeks pile up very quickly.  I’m on every 3 weeks.

It did my mind and soul good to share my thoughts about my Caregivers. I posted on FB as
well.  In the course of my treatment I perhaps wasn’t so inclined to think about it.
They are such an important component of our care.  

I’ve a ways to go yet with radiation and continue with hormone therapy until the spring.
I will be mindful of their support and keep the conversations going.

Take care and be safe


Re: Thanks to my Caregivers!

Posted by islandgirl2020 on Oct 6, 2020 10:44 am

I have pancreatic cancer.  They were going to try and remove my tumor in August as it's not spread (they think) but ended up being too close to a vein so I started Chemo on Sept 2.  It was found due to a nasty gall bladder which I got out in August (found tumor and gall bladder issue in July)  I get it every 2 weeks, full day of chemo then a 2 day take home bag.  Very aggressive but we are trying to shrink the tumor to hopefully resection it in end of November.  I am lucky, even though my chemo is aggressive I seem to have a full good week between treatments thank goodness where I can help my caregivers out and cook meals for my poor husband and do some things around the house.  It is as hard on him as it is on me, mentally and physically.  My chemo is supposed to be 3 months before and 3 after surgery if everything goes according to plan but nothing has so just going day by day.  I am allergic or "highly sensitive" to my chemo protocol (Folfirinox is the protocol and drug combo)but it is the best in terms of shrinking my kind of tumor so I end up getting more steroids many hours ahead then 2 hours of premeds every time.  I end up being in there 8 hours total usually on the first day.  I am in good spirits though, to even be considered for surgery with pancreatic cancer is the best hope (10-15% only)