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Focus Group Opportunity

Focus Group Opportunity:

Help researchers develop resources about safe physical activity for people with cancer that has spread to their bones

A group of researchers from the University of British Columbia, BC Cancer and across Canada are planning to co-develop a series of resources (such as patient handouts, videos, or other options) with people living with or at risk for bone metastases. These resources will help guide conversations with healthcare professionals and exercise professionals about safe physical activity.

We are seeking a diverse group of patient partners with bone metastases or who have advanced (“metastatic”) cancer and who are at an increased risk of their cancer spreading to the bones or their family partners to join a working group to co-create these resources. You don’t have to be physically active to participate! Partners will share their preferences, experiences, and ideas to make sure the knowledge resources are as helpful as possible for people living with cancer in Canada.

Participants will join four 90-minute meetings to identify, co-design and finalize the knowledge resources in collaboration with healthcare and exercise professionals.

The meetings will be virtual and hosted on Zoom. Participants will receive an information package and a survey to complete before the meeting.

Meeting dates

February to June 2023.


We will provide a $25 gift certificate to participants at each of the four meetings.

How to get involved

Please email Kelcey Bland at kbland@bccrc.ca by January 27, 2023.

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