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Did anyone else have ovarian cancer on the small bowel?
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Ovarian 3C first surgery aborted. Carbo Taxol didn't work. Weekly Taxol 20% chance of working. 2nd opinion today -they can't do the surgery because it's on my small bowel- too hard to operate safely. Can't live w/o a small bowel apparently. Anyone else in these shoes? How do you cope with the endless bad news? Thanks.

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@DonnaL1959 Hi Donna…..I am so sorry, to hear , of this news……I am not an expert by far with Ovarian cancer…..however; regarding “small bowel”……I will send you a private message, with the name/number to reach out to; and I do HOPE, this contact can help you further….she knows a LOT about small bowel…and is in ONT.

Message…..on the way….



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