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Some GOOD news 🥳
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Heyyyy everyone. I thought I should share some good, hopeful news! 😃 As some of you already know, two and a half years ago I was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and was given a few months to live. Well, my last scans came back with the cancer still dormant! Or asleep as my oncologist puts it. (I hope it goes into a comma 😜) So at my last appointment my oncologist told me I can take a break from chemo and we will do surveillance scans going forward. If it starts to grow back I go back to chemo if not I will stay off!! This is huge because he told me I will never be off chemo. I pray that it never grows back. If it does I will hold my head up and deal with it. But for now I am dancing around happy and grateful to God 😃😍🙏 I wanted to share because living with advanced cancer can feel helpless and like there is only one result. I do not know how my journey will end but I do know what I’m supposed to do until then.
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Hi @Cupcakes I am very glad you are doing really well with this.

I just finished my first cycle of ribociclib letrozole, I am feeling a little better, I am starting radiation next monday for 5 days for my bone mets, I have read they are going to help me with my bone mets. I am in a group of people taking the same drugs, with very positive results. I am trying to be hopeful that this is going to work for me too. I am stilk in shock but trying to live my life as normal, after 2 months since diagnosis that I was on my bed all day with pain and devastated. But I guess we have to continue our life as we don't know how much time do we have.

The best for you.

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I love hearing good news! After they told you a few months, what did they do for you? I've been told a few months and I'm reeling.

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Thats wonderful news. I hope the cancer stays asleep and never wakes up😁

You must be thrilled.

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yeah - thanks for that update….love to hear news like this!

keep on doing what you're doing!
#update #goodnewsday

ps-will alert you to @DonnaL1959 question above ^^^

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Thank you @GSB for your kind words. I am glad you are in a group that is doing the same drug with positive results! Yes of course you would still be in shock. It still shocks me once and a while and it’s been 2.5 years. I am curious where is your pain ? Do you still actively have pain ?

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Thanks everyone!

@DonnaL1959 @supersu

When I was first diagnosed I immediately asked how long do I have to live. The doctor said maybe a few months.

Then my oncologist told me we could treat it but not beat it. And maybe I had 2 or 3 years. Then the first treatment failed and the cancer radiologist told me I may have weeks to months to live. The next step was the chemo Docetaxel. And that worked well for the cancer. Except I had to come off it because I kept getting infection. I did 2 different chemos after that. Hope that helps clarify.

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@Cupcakes Hello….so happy for your good news…..Dance Like Everyone Is Watching!


Agnes Guan
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Congrats ! Nice to hear some good news from you, which bring me some hope 🤗.
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@Cupcakes such great news. I’m sure you are very happy to kick chemo to the curb for a while. I hope you can rest and recover and enjoy the things you love to do. ❤️

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Hi@ Cupcake, what wonderful news, thanks for sharing. So happy for you! Hope it stays in a very very deep coma!😁

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its nice to hear the good news, happy for you. I wish you all the best!

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WooHoo @Cupcakes what a lift to the spirit - my heart is celebrating with you!

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@Cupcakes I'm just reading your post now and I'm very encouraged! I'm Stage IV and seeing the dire prognosis you were given and your latest news gives hope. Thank you for sharing and I will keep hoping along with you and for you!


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Aww So kind thank you ! I will keep hoping along with you as well 🤗

Kac Cadeau
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