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Cervical cancer and ascites
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My mom was diagnosed with stage 3C2 cervical cancer August 2021, age 52.

It’s been a heck of journey these past months… to say the least. I never thought I would ever utter the things I did or have to see my mom in these conditions so soon.

She’s had febrile neutropenia, where she was in the ICU for a week and had a central line in her neck. She got a pulmonary embolism, luckily a doctor found that after she said she coughed blood. She now has an abscess in her stomach, which was discovered after her temperature read 38 degrees, and there was pain in her left side upper chest when sitting up even though she felt fine.

And now…. They are saying she has fluid in her abdomen, that may be caused by the abscess, or it could be caused the cancer. They will find out by seeing if the fluid contains cancer cells or not.

And if it does contain cancer cells, her radiation oncologist says they will stop treatment because at that point, there is no point in trying to treat her.

I am scared, sad, disheartened. But the tad bit hopeful in me is hoping to find some inspiring stories from people in their experience with ascites (what I believe my mom has)

Any story really will do. Have you or anyone you knew had cancer and ascites, and how are you/they doing now?

thank you

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@Qiqi Hello and welcome from BC! I am sorry, to hear of your moms' diagnosis and difficulties faced……it is challenging, for your family. Please know you have found a group of caring people…eager to listen and share and support each other.

I found 2 members, who can hopefully share a bit about their path with “Ascites”…..Please meet: @Boby1511 @skiwi (her mom is the patient too!) Thank you both so much, if you could share your experiences, with “Ascites”, here, to support our new member….giving support to her mom (who is the patient)….she is eager to connect more…..much appreciation.

I found 3 members, who are on a similar path, as your mom…..Please meet: @Baucoin @Newtocancer @Peta Thank you all so much…..if you could share your experiences, here, (Cervical) to support our new member..who is caring for her mom (the patient - similar path) and seeking to connect…..much appreciation.

I will include a link below for you (Cervical) and you can read of others' experiences, and reach out/"tag" anyone, if you wish to; simply type “@”screen name (no space after @) and a few names will drop down; select name you wish; turns to blue; this is OK; they will receive your message.

We are here, to support you….and your mom……

Lean On Us.

Welcome Again



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hi there,

Sorry to read your mom's struggles.

I too was neutropenic and put in isolation for a week. I recovered.

I too had an abscess after surgery. Mine was in the pelvic area. They put a drain in to take out the bad fluid. Hurt. Lots. Didn't think I'd survive that one when they took it out. They went in thru the back side (butt) to reach the pelvic (front).

I too had a blood clot after surgery. Mine was in the left groin area. So not as bad as your mom's as hers is in her chest area. But once you get a clot there is risk to others. Cancer can cause clots. I'm on a blood thinner for life now. So not too bad.

Did they drain the stomach abscess? That drain is not too bad. I had one there after surgery. Not too bad coming out. Mine was just taking out the excess blood thou.

I too have pelvic ascites, which is fluid build up in the tummy. I had this once before and it resolved. It has again come back.

Ascites can be cancerous or can be caused by treatment. I think generally it means your liver is not functioning 100%.

I have mild stomach pain. For now they are just watching the ascites. It can be mild, mine is not too bad at the moment. Although I am never quite hungry. I think it can make you feel full. And chemo definitely took my appetite. So I would say you should watch her intake, as she may forget to eat. Get some supplements.

Its good they are going to test her fluid. It could be benign.

Perhaps they may stop treatment for a bit and let her get a little stronger. That would mean they can try again at a later time.

I recovered from most of my complication from surgery/treatment. Perhaps your mom just needs to catch her breath for a bit.

At the height of my illness most people would not have believed I would recover. My doctors were also not confident on my survival chances.

But I don't want to give false hope either. Ascites by cancer can be a very serious complication and very painful. Your mom has also already had a lot of serious complications.

My heart goes out to your mom and yourself.

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