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Scan Results
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Hi Everyone,

My husband just got his middle of treatment scan results for Stage 4 cancer. He's on chemo/immunotherapy (Keytruda), and it shows almost a complete resolution of his lesions. To say I'm shocked is an understatement. When we originally sat down with the oncologist, she said that the best we could hope for was stable disease. He is on his fourth treatment this week, but will have two more chemotherapy treatments after this, and continue on with the Keytuda for 2 years. Has anyone on here had long term stability with immunotherapy? I'm still waiting to talk to the oncologist about the results, and what this could possibly mean.



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That is great news. I know that feeling of overwhelming relief. I too have stage 4 cancer. Mine is inflammatory breast cancer with liver mets. I was diagnosed July 2020 and it had already spread to my liver. It was covere in tumours and lesions etc. I had chemo for 6 months (it ended February 2021) and I have continued to receive targetted therapy every 3 weeks. I will be on it until it stops working.

During chemo each scan showed a reduction of tumours and I have been tumour free since December 2020. I asked for an extra 2 mos of chemo just to make sure.

What type of cancer does your husband have and how is he feeling?

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@Buddy65 I'm happy to hear you're tumour free :) Such good news.

My husband has HPV16 positive tonsil cancer. He was diagnosed in 2019, and received the all clear, but some cancer cells must have gotten out and we noticed spots on his lungs earlier this year when he went for a CT scan of his back. His original tumour tested posted for PD-L1, which is why the oncologist wanted to put him on the immunotherapy as well. They never got a biopsy of the lung mets, as they were under 2cm (biggest ones I think were 1.1). I guess we just watch and wait after the treatment is over? I'm unsure of what the standard of care is.

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thats fantastic! Great news! So happy for you.

I too am stage 4 with what docs are calling a stable tumor recurrence. since July 2020!

when I finished treatment (6 months chemo and 6 weeks radiation) I was a little skittish thinking my tumor would grow next day without some sort of treatment.

but I’m still here. Living with a very aggressive cancer diagnosis and stage 4!

now I just kinda put it out of my mind till the next 3 month scan.

im a lucky one.

sending you both best wishes.

@klamb - thank you for sharing your wonderful news!


@klamb wonderful news! We’ve talked to patients who have been on immunotherapy for years and those who have had great success with it. Steven’s Dr arranged for him to speak with another patient for some insights in advance of his treatment. He had been on his regime for over three years and was cancer free. So happy for you both that they’re shrinking 💛

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@NickytheCanuck Thank you! We don't know how long the treatment will work, but hopefully it will give us some more time together. He's feeling pretty rough this morning. He's scheduled to have his 5FU pump removed this afternoon.

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Hi @klamb, promising news for your hubby. Just keep up the positive energy and enjoy day by day. Hope he is feeling a bit better after the 5FU pump was stopped. Sending you both positive vibes! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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