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Coming together as both early and late stage patients

Often I find particularly in the support and advocacy cancer communities there is a divide between early and late stage cancer patients. A friend wrote about her experience in the breast cancer community around these issues in a powerful essay that raises important issues. Entitled “Dear Breast Cancer ‘Survivor’” it explores the need for each other.


I'm curious about other folks experience, not so much in the breast cancer community but in other areas, colorectal, lung, gynecological cancers. What have you found in looking for support and information?


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Hi there,

Not sure specifically what you are referencing with divide? Early could become late, true. Early does not mean survival, true. Maybe some of us “late” guys are advocating less given were tired. I am tired. Cancer never ends for me. It never takes a holiday.

I do relate more to those with late stage cancer. But I feel for all in treatment, its' tough stuff. Suffering is suffering and anxiety/stress can get us all.

Nice hair.


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