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Travel Insurance
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Hi all, My oncologist has recently recommended that I go on a short trip to a hot country after I showed a partial response to treatment with very little detectable cancer. I'm now looking for a company that will provide some level of health travel insurance for a metastatic cancer patient undergoing treatment. Has anyone in such a situation had any luck with this? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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Hello @JoanEA ~ Welcome and thanks for joining us in conversation. And wow (!) a big congratulations on how your recovery is going!

While you wait for others to chime in with some tips I found this thread https://cancerconnection.ca/discussions/viewtopic/80/69417?post_id=361480#p361480 that@tenplay started and they may have more to share with you. Also, I think @WestCoastSailor has done a lot of travelling but not sure.

Happy travels!


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hi. happy treatment is going so well!

I too am thinking of taking a warm trip. Was told to get covid insurance too!


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I've been a client for years…they're excellent

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