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Let's Discuss...living well

Living well means more than looking after your health. It means understanding that there is still life to be lived by finding pleasure in small moments that may or may not be related to cancer. It means looking for peace and acceptance in times of uncertainty. Each person finds their own way to live well. You may choose to take time to be in nature, to meditate or quietly reflect. Others make the most of life with special trips or adventures. You may find that creating art to express who you are is the best way for you to live well.

Discussion Question:

  • What does living well mean to you?

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What a great question. This could fill a book I believe but I'll give it a shot.

  • To have the opportunity to live to one's potential with no barriers to achieve what one is capable of
  • To show kindness and generosity to others
  • To have contributed to making the world a better place

I will leave it at that

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@Lacey_Moderator Hmmmmm What a sharp edged question ! Living well means to me to look for all of the positive things that happen to me. If I do that I have a great day, do the opposite and I have a lousy day. Big adventures no longer interest me because the memories to me, would just be short lived. Now I want to wring out every minute of life I can, Spending it with my Brother-in-law, some truly awesome friends and our Family. It also means trying to help people on here. If I can comfort someone that's new or offer advice or just bring a smile to their face for a few minutes then I believe I have done something significance with my life. It doesn't take but a few minutes of my life to do so either . I am an absolute Baseball fanatic and I'll watch a game from time to time to do something just for me. The answer to this question will be of course be different for each person that answers. And that's OK. I believe that's what Lacey is looking. The diversity of of people we have in our Family.

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Good question!

Its definitely something I strive for. For me, I think living well is having some balance…

Eating well and healthily, but having the treats from time to time

Maintaining fitness, flexibility and strength through exercise and activities that I enjoy indoors and outside, alone and with friends.

Looking after my mental health - taking care of my anxiety (and we all know there’s plenty of that with ongoing checkups and scans), doing things to relax (for me this is yoga, meditation and mindfulness, reading, chilling out with some tv or having a massage).

Maintaining and building relationships - with family, friends, colleagues, outside work activities

Contributing to the world somehow - work, voluntary stuff, helping neighbours or family

And I’m learning, it’s having unstructured time - not filling your day with appointments or chores, but having downtime to sit round the fire pit, or go for a walk with a loved one etc.

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@Lacey_Moderator Hello…..

Living Well Is:

-trying to maintain good health….physical and mental well being

-loving those around you

-being kind and patient

-helping others in need

-Be Good & Do Good.



To me living well right now means enjoying the glorious colours and sounds of fall with my husband and our Covid puppy on our daily walks. Waiting for another date for twice canceled surgery is hard but little blessings come our way. Like hearing about the cross country race our 15 year old grandsons were in coming in 4th and 5th. The one who came in 5th admitted later to his Mom later that he could have passed his brother but said because his brother had two disappointments recently, he really needed a win. I cried for joy hearing that!
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great discussion! LIVING WELL

I am a simple gal with simple needs

*a good laugh every day
*hot pizza/cold gin drinks
*spend time with family or friends (thanks to covid - that has mostly been virtual)
*pass on a kindness if possible…..a compliment to a stranger, a yummy treat to a neighbor, or kind words to my patients

this life is all I have. unfortunately it is not a dress rehearsal…so I try to include some/most of the above every single day.

I hope that everyone is living a life that has room for wellness.


#laughteristhebestmedicine #pizzagintherapy #lifeisnotadressrehersal

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Living well…

  • finding smiles in everyday, smiles from family, smiles from friends, smiles from strangers
  • cuddles with my puppy and my husband in front of the woodstove fire
  • my oldest son bringing me a heating pad nightly when I head off to bed
  • lots of long hugs
  • chances to learn more crochet, knitting and sewing
  • pink and purple sunsets
  • trips to the mountains and British Columbia (especially Osoyoss)
  • game nights with lots of laughs
  • watching my sons excel at university
  • enough money at the end of the month for emergencies (I haven’t met this yet and I’m 50!)
  • new soft socks
  • big soft blankets
  • Seeing many birds at my feeders
  • warm cinnamon buns to share
  • Pain free days (hopefully one day I will be pain free)
  • watching NBA — Go Raptors Go
  • hearing rain outside when I go to sleep
  • dairy free cheesecake - Yum!
  • Trips to shop at Giant Tiger and Michael’s
  • Iced coffee and oat bars from Starbucks
  • Helping my parents, my nieces, and my family
  • Most of all: feeling loved - especially loving myself (which I really wish I could succeed at this and mend my mental health)
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oh ya
NEW SOCKS are the bees knees!

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Living well…….. I will steal a quote from Nightbirdie. "You can't wait until life isn't hard anymore to decide to be happy.” ~Nightbirdie [Jane Marczewski].

I think living well is doing or experiencing things that bring joy into your life no matter the circumstances you may be facing. For me it is seeing people smile. I do not like negative or grumpy people even if sometimes I am there myself. When others do things to bring me out of that place is the best feeling. To be able to ignore the negative things happening and see the beauty in life even if it is momentarily. I try to do this in others as well if I can because I know the shifting from sadness to joy is a gift that we recieve from others and can pass along to make everyone's lives a little brighter. Joy is contagious as is sorrow. If we can help each other get through this life we are making this world a better place, for everyone. Mean people are meaningless, we should try to open everyone's eyes to what a wonderful gift life is. I think knowing how short life can be amplifies how great, and how tragic it is.

Pass along a smile every day. There is another quote I like…… Even if some days you can't find a song in your heart, sing anyways.


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What does Living Well mean to me?

I will let you know when I figure this out. I get snippets of living well, and I enjoy them when I get them. Balance is a recurring theme, and I still struggle to find it and hold onto it - but accept it for what it is.

Expectations and reality can have very different results. Acceptance gives me the mental strength to breathe, and enjoy what I can and move forward within reality. Fighting without cause can rob you of needed strength both mental and physical.

Strive to keep your balance, and you will find your best way to live well. Always changing, always a challenge.


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Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm---Living Well---a super topic. It is an all-encompassing lifestyle to ‘live well’ in the World Affected by Cancer--- or, just in the World as we find it. A subjective interpretation with a huge variation of answers.

I find the term means to me: a happy homeostasis. This may extend to the Highest of Highs and the Lowest of Lows, but it balances out regardless. I surround myself with a loving group of friends, playing music, hibernating in my own private thoughts, reading, drinking gin and tonic on occasion, observing wildlife, watching documentaries. And, laying on the couch watching football!!!

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Living well is the usual … healthy eating and exercise

I became a vegetarian 8 mos ago and have never felt better.

My favourite is going a period of time without thinking about cancer. Sometimes I stop myself and think that I havent had the cancer cloud hanging over me for however long it has been … sometimes 5 min and sometimes longer. I like forgetting I have cancer. That makes me happy.

I also love to laugh and my friends and family laugh when I laugh just because it comes from my gut. My sister can make me laugh that hard. That is when I feel the best.

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Living Well to me

1 Accepting my situation and focusing on the joys I can find in life. We all know ourselves better than anyone else, so remember what excites you. For me it is talking to whoever will listen, music, my favorite sport is Football, watching games on TV especially the games of my time. I play Madden Football on my tablet. I have more, you know yours.

2 Eating well is living well I know that this can become a challenge today. Remember that a grocery store is made up of 85% paper and cardboard boxes. We have to buy some of this to complete our healthy diet. For cereal I buy Large flake Oats in the paper packages then I add my own fruit etc to sprouse it up. One example you know others.

There is more but have to go.

Take care everyone take those mountians one step at a time.


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Living well is taking time to process all the feelings (good or bad), enjoy the present and find peace with yourself.

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Living well for me means eating well and taking care of our body with exercise and being connected or in touch with family and friends (to the degree that you’re comfortable with).
It’s a continuous process in learning to accept the stages we go through in our daily lives, to live in the present to see the brighter side of where we are at that point and time and to love ourself unconditionally.

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Good topic.

I know that the meaning of living well, means something completely different to me now, post cancer.

I‘m no pro, but I’m striving to:

  • Be patient and kind
  • Listen more and better
  • Use and share my time wisely
  • Love the moments you have with those you love
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