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Second opinion in the US
Julia O
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Hi, has anybody gotten a second opinion in the US? I heard from a few people that they are way ahead of Canada in terms of treatments. It’s very pricey so I am not sure what to do :(. Thank you.

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@Julia O

hi there. I have a type of sarcoma cancer so I joined a fb sarcoma page.

I met one other with the same type of my rare cancer. Her care is with the Mayo clinic in the US. They are supposed to be the best for sarcoma.

I also had 3 consultation here in 3 different hospitals, Toronto and Hamilton, which both have sarcoma teams.

I have received the same care and recommendations on chemo as my US buddy.

I think the main difference has been the US is more inclined to operate multiple times. My friend has had 7 surgeries to remove her mets. But even that has limits. Her docs are now saying no more surgeries and the next tumor will kill her.

Sending you best wishes.

Julia O
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Thank you! I asked for a second opinion at Princess Margaret. So I think I am just going to stick with that. I have an autoimmune liver condition which really complicated my treatment. Trying to stay positive, but it’s hard when they tell you you have a year or two. :(

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