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Bile Duct Cancer stage 4- Cholangiocarcinoma
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Hi Friends,

Recently diagnosed with liver cancer- this is one of the rare and fast spreading cancer(Intrahepactic bile duct cancer) and now the cancer has spread to other organs in the body and I am fighting to my strength.

I need all your help in supporting by suggesting tips for better care and treatment options and help me to connect with people with this type of situation and how to cope up for better diagnosis and treatment options.

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@Siva Hello…….I found another member…..similar path as you.

Please meet: @Mona.Van Thank you so much Mona…..if you could share your experiences, here, to support our new member, who is on a similar path as yourself……greatly appreciated.




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Dont be shy to ask the docs for anything. You can get home care for stuff like getting watered. Home hydration really helped me out. (They hook you up to an IV and you carry this little pack sack around with the fluid).

Sending you best wishes.

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Hi @Siva

I found some other members here that identify with your situation, and I am tagging them here:

the above is Jane Doe, @Stacey1972 @Kakes @LookingToHelpMom and @Liz47.

We are all our own best advocates, and speaking to your medical team, writing letters to your MPP and the Ministry of Health all go toward helping bring to light the need for better care and more options. I did so when denied paid for PET scans ordered by my one surgeon - but denied by the MOH. I won, so it can be done.

Hope this helps, and you get some replies from the tags.

Keep well


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