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metastasis to liver- Immunotherapy
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Hi All,

Looking for advice and ecperiences with immunotherapy.

My cancer started as vulvar and has now spread.

Thank you so very much
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Hi Murdawg

If I am reading your post correctly, your cancer started as vulvar and has metastasize to your liver. Is this correct? The primary cancer remains the same regardless of where it travels in the body. So your cancer in your Liver is considered metastatic Vulvar cancer. Please let me know if I am understanding you correctly.

I have had immunotherapy myself, as many here have. Each drug or drugs used are specific to the type of cancer they are meant to control or cure. Many common immunotherapy drugs have side effects that affect your GI tract, but again once you know the specific drug(s) being offered the potential side effects will be shared and weighed against any unique circumstances specific to you. The drugs always need to be assessed against our own health and any factors that need to be taken into consideration.

Please let us know more about your situation and we can help you move forward with shared experiences. Chemotherapy and other Drug Therapies is a resource from the Canadian Cancer Society that includes some information about immunotherapy.

I came across another link from the CCS I want to share with you: Immunotherapy gives more details and is specific.

Keep safe.

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