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Stage 3 Liver Cancer
Been told inoperable On my own I have achieved better blood results & liver improving Wd like any other advice on what more I can do
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Hi Armando DeLima‍ 

Having inoperable cancer does not necessarily mean there are no treatment options. 

What information did your medical team give you regarding available treatment options and keeping yourself as healthy as possible?

I am attaching a link from the Canadian Cancer Society (below) that gives good information about Liver Cancer, the stages and potential treatment options. Its important to sit down with your medical team to understand what treatment options are available to, and what are not. Understanding the differences can help us make the best decisions with all available information in front of us.


Each of us will be tested and assessed in many ways to determine the best course of treatment to take - based on our unique circumstances.

I hope this helps you gt the information you need to move forward with.

Keep well and let us know what you discover.

ACH2015 - Andy.

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