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Hepatocellular carcinoma- liver cancer
I am wondering if there is anyone on this site who has been diagnosed with this type of cancer?  Is so, can you please tell me about your experience, treatment, prognosis.  My husband was just diagnosed. 
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Hello:  I am sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis.  Has he been given a treatment plan?  My husband was diagnosed with this type of cancer but was unable to have surgery.  I hesitated to respond as I think treatment will depend on how advanced it is.  I do hope that you get good news about treatment.  It is difficult and my thoughts are wth you both. 

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My husband was diagnosed with colon cancer over a year ago. Surgery was able to remove the tumor in his colon but it had metastasized to his liver. Not sure now if you would call his cancer liver or colon, but since they are only worried about his liver that is what I call it. He had 6 chemo treatments which he tolerated well and then had a piece or his liver removed surgically and the rest of the spots were treated by lazer. . We thought we were ok but 3 months later CT scan revealed more spots on his liver. He has just finished another round of 6 chemo treatments and these have hit him harder. Brain fog, no appetite, no sense of taste, and also lip and mouth sores. He had an MRI and we are just waiting to hear what is next. My husband has a very good attitude and we are trying to be positive. We know there is no cure but we hope to be able to manage it for as long as possible. COVID does not help because it would be nice to get out socially with friends to distract us. We keep as busy as we can and our daughter has separated from an abusive husband who still abuses her verbally so I must admit sometimes I don’t even have time to think about the Cancer and other times I cannot imagine going through things without him. I do try to live one day at a time and not go into the future and that helps a lot.
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