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Hi! My name is shire, I recently got diagnosed with osteosarcoma, it was stage 3 aggressive and luckily it was around my knee area and I had to get amputated. I’m glad that my cancer is gone at the moment, but it just been a year since my diagnosis and I wanted to reach out to those whom I can relate to. I’m happy that I came across this site even though covid impacted a lot of us, interms of getting our treatment and being alone in the hospital knowing that you’re fighting this alone. I’m glad that I’m not alone anymore! at least I’m having a support group that I can relate to:)
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@Hafsa Hello Shire, and welcome to our caring community. I am sorry for your reason to find us; but glad you did. Please know you have found a group of folks, eager to listen and share and support one another. You have had a difficult year……with your health, and covid adds an extra layer of stress (and loneliness) for everyone.

I will include a link below, and hope it is helpful…..here you can see/read of others' experiences, similar to yours, and reach out to anyone, if you wish.

I found, on the site 3 others, similar path, however they have not been active on the site….but let us hope they will respond, back, to you, and share their experiences.

Please meet: @Pierre123 @V2B2 @EJane Thank you so much, if you could share your experiences (care giving too), to support our new member, similar path…..wishing to connect with others and feel less alone……much appreciated.

Shire….you are not alone……we are here to support you, and listen and more…..I too felt so alone, with I was diagnosed (2018….colon cancer)…..but I simply had to keep on going….doing all the appts etc that I was told “to do”…….I felt like a machine…..I too reached out, to this site; to these folks……for support.

Welcome Shire


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Welcome Hafsa‍ ! My goodness you've been through a lot. I'm so sorry for what you had to go through. I looked up your cancer type and didn't realize there was so many different types of sarcoma. Under 'forums' 'cancer types 'and 'sarcoma ' there are discussions. But the only person I could find with your exact cancer type was pmp‍ whose daughter has osteosarcoma. So perhaps you can connect with this member. I'm goi g to tag Lacey_Moderator‍ to see if she knows of any other members you can talk to. You can also call the cancer info line at 1888 939 3333 for any more questions you may have. How are you doing now? Congrats on the cancer being gone!!!!
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@whitelillies I too, felt like the casual way I was told I am in remission was more surreal and hard to believe than hearing “you have undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma” … say what? “You have cancer” …

I knew I had cancer and was prepared to hear that and prepared for the run I was about to take, but hearing I was in remission was not something I was prepared for at all. I didn't know what to do with myself now. I am still trying to figure that out. I still tire easily. I still have much pain and after-effects of the 3 surgeries. I still feel I need to talk with someone who would understand the struggle and the heartache and the mindset of “holy sh**, I am a cancer survivor!" It takes some getting used to and I am struggling with it.

Then I moved provinces and left 4/5 of my adult children in Alberta, along with my son-in-law, who all lived with me, and cared for me while having treatments. So I am also missing them all like crazy.

I feel like after I was told I am in remission, I have been left to my own devices in regards to post-surgical symptoms, treatments for it, pain management, and all the rest. So… now what? I am so glad to read your post and also feel like I am not alone. There is help here as well as other people online who have been helping me with their blog posts as well. Of course, they have turned that into a coaching business because, why not? So I am just using as much of the free info as I can get, which perhaps I should pay for one of the programs? I haven't decided yet.

I also don't think my husband has had a chance to fully comprehend what it means to have a wife who is a cancer survivor. I simply cannot keep up with him! He is great at encouraging me to rest when need to, but I don't think he gets it. Also, I think he is a little bit scared to check in on his emotions on this as well. How does a person help with that?

As you can see, there are a lot of us with a lot going on emotionally and mentally, let alone physically, when it comes to accepting and moving past a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and post-care.

I hope this website helps you. I know it helps me

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hi there.
Terry Fox had the same cancer as you. I have a type of soft tissue sarcoma diagnosed last year. I’m considered stage 4 with an aggressive subtype. But I’m still here. Still stable. Recovery is a long process. Took me probably a year to get any energy or appetite back. You do doxorubicin?
sending you best wishes
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I do not know what doxorubicin is so probably not. Lol. Terry fox had osteosarcoma which i think is in the bone and i had undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma which is in the fibrous tissue.

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