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Newbie Intro
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Hello there.  I am new to this forum and wanted to introduce myself.  I am 62 years of age, a mom, sister, daughter and aunt.  In April of this year I had major surgery and was subsequently diagnosed with an Adeno Sarcoma with a sarcomatous overgrowth.  Not a great diagnosis but, lymph nodes were clean.  I did five weeks of radiation which, unfortunately for me had side effects and, in a CT scan to double check the side effects discovered the cancer had spread to my upper abdomen.  So now I am doing Chemo.  I am sure you will all relate to my frustration at having to go through all of this during COVID.  It's been horrible.  Not having a partner as well, I've had to navigate through this on my own - and the learning curve has been exhausting.  My friends and family are now all on board, providing support in many ways and one has taken on the role of my 'health' advocate.  But, I've had to discover the online supports such as the Canadian Cancer Society, the Integrated Wellness Center and so on.  To date I have not heard from the SW through the Chemo program.

My Oncologist, not convinced that I quite understood my cancer, decided to meet with me after a telephone appointment.  He sat across from me, his mask on and his eyes piercing through my mask, my glasses, and anything else that stood in the way of my brain cells wanting to make sure I understood the seriousness of my diagnosis.  It worked and, although I did understand he broke through all of my defense mechanisms and it took a few weeks to build them back up again.

So.  I decided I should start working on my bucket list - but, you know, I found there wasn't that much on it.  Except I'd always wanted to try singing in a choir.   So.  I joined a virtual choir and it's good fun.  I'm not always able to participate, but, on those days I just close my eyes and listen to the Zoom choir practice.  I journal periodically on CaringBridge.org and set up a Facebook group for my friends where I chat about the day to day stuff.  I hope that gives you a sense of me.  Please feel free to check in.
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Welcome Cre8ive‍ !  your user name alone shows that you are creative!  I love it.    Great to meet you, I just wish it was under better circumstances.   But glad you are here, because you found a great place for support.       Adeno Sarcoma I think is a rare cancer, and when I looked for it, I couldn't find anyone else to tag with that diagnoses.     There is a Sarcoma discussion under "Forums" and "Cancer Types. "   The only others I could find were ChristineH‍  and TorUkie‍ , who have a different type of Sarcoma........but you are still welcome to connect with each other.       Sounds like you have a great support system in terms of good friends and family which is a bonus.     On line support groups, such as this one, are wonderful too.    So many incredible people here and so much information to learn.     I love that you joined a virtual choir!   What is your favourite song?       I'd like to refer you to the cancer information line, incase you have any more questions or inquiries.    It is 1888 939 3333.  Thank you for introducing yourself, and I'm sure you will soon hear from others.       
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WOW!  what a summer!

sorry to hear of your struggles, but happy you found this space.  I clung to it as a lifeline during the early days of my diagnosis while COVID was just getting started.

what a FANTASTIC doctor you have!  to know that you needed to have a face2face appointment to understand your diagnosis - seriously, that is GOLD!  I can only imagine how raw it felt, but now that you know and understand what the game is, you can start playing it fully!

I used this forum in a couple of different ways - both interactive and observational.  both worked for me at different stages of the game.....I felt I could reach out any time, any day and 'someone' is there to chat.....not always about specifics, but support none the less.  at other times, I just read what folks had to say--so many kind and interesting people here -- and there is lots of chat about 'stuff' that isn't disease specific.

'see' you around this new 'hood
cheers and have a lovely Thanksgiving

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Cre8ive‍ great intro, welcome!

Id like to introduce you to Boby1511‍ who also has adenosarcoma with sarcomatus overgrowth. I hope the two of you can connect.

Love your bucket list - I’m impressed that you have found ways to join a choir in these COVID times xx
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thanks for thinking of me. I did reach out.
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Thank you for the information.  I feel very blessed that I have found this community. 

Cynthia Mac
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Hello, fellow Cre8ive‍ (Anyone who has done The Artist’s Way will understand this) and welcome to Cancer Connection. And thank you, supersu‍ For your observation that it’s ok to “observe” and “participate” as the user sees fit!

I’ve been a bit on the “observe” side myself lately, due to stuff going on in my life - to fill you in, I’m a “retired caregiver.” My Dad was diagnosed with lung cancer in late 2017. It metastasized to his liver in 2019, and he passed this past June from causes other than his cancer (he was 80). 

Cre8ive, I’m glad you’ve found music. I haven’t quite come back to it yet (listening - I don’t really play or sing), but one of my good friends was encouraging me to give it a go just last week. My creative outlets tend to be in the needle arts.

Do you have good supports from friends and neighbours?
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Hi Cynthia.  I joined an online choir called ‘Vox’. I like it but find I’m tired for at least a few of the rehearsals. I find I move in and out of the Cancer sites. I often just want a holiday from it. I live with it everyday, and don’t necessarily want to read about it as well. I just finished six sessions of chemo (two months) and have another 4 months to go. Hope it does what it needs to do. 

i also like needle work. Just getting back into it. Waiting for some hoops to arrive. 


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