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Anyone else with an ostomy?
this was very hard for me. Woke up after surgery after sending couple days in icu on a vent and fentanyl... to find an ostomy bag attached. Was my biggest fear going into surgery. I was out of my mind even sick as I was. My surgeon could reattach in surgery as I died twice and had 5 blood bags he had to close early after cutting out most of my insides. He got “good margins” but my cancer is already back so he may no longer reattach the pooper. Then original plan was to reattach after 6 courses of chemo which is every 3 weeks. Looks like I’m not getting back the pooper. I’ve sort of gotten used to the idea now. I am dying after all.. bigger picture. I just miss running my hands over my belly and feeling only me. I hurts my heart to just write this. I’m rubbing my tummy first thing after I die! Hope you all well and have found your peace.
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